60 poetry terms and 35 poems

Free Verse Poetry that does not have a regular meter or rhyme scheme Metrical Verse poetry with a regular meter Tetrameter a verse line having four metrical feet Pentameter a verse line having five metrical feet Hexameter a verse line having six metrical feet Stressed a stressed foot Unstressed an unstressed foot Iamb a metrical unit with unstressed-stressed syllables Anapest a metrical unit with unstressed-unstressed-stressed syllables Trochee a metrical unit

WGU C100 CH 9- Modernist Period

T.S. Eliot The Hollow Men T.S. Eliot The Waste Land T.S. Eliot The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock James Joyce Ulysses, explores the theme of internalization in his groundbreaking stream-of-consciousness novel James Joyce Araby Susan Glaspell Trifles William Faulkner The Sound and the Fury William Faulkner Barn Burning Ernest Hemmingway A Farewell to Arms Ernest Hemmingway The Snows of Kilimanjaro Nella Larsen Quicksand Willa Cather My Antonia Willa Cather

WGU IWC1 Personal Study Guide

The documentary film “An Inconvenient Truth” about former vice president Al Gore’s campaign to warn the public about climate change is an example of which of the following purposes of art? Art edifying and persuading. What is the innate or learned ability to appreciate a work of art? Aesthetic perception Which of the following American poets helped establish “jazz poetry”? Langston Hughes Which of the following is a primary color?

Hassan al-Banna

Name: Instructor: Course: Date Hassan al-Banna Hassan al-Banna’s name was originally Sheikh Hasan Ahmed Abdel Rahman Muhammed al-Banna but since it was rather long, he adopted a shorter version, Hassan al-Banna. He is of Egyptian origin and was a Muslim as the country id heavily dominated by Muslims. Hasan was born in 1906, and he died in 1949. Professionally, he was an imam, that is, an Islamic religious leader and

Giovanni Tiepolo

Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Giovanni Tiepolo Giovanni Tiepolo is one of the most recognized rococo artists of the eighteenth century, and few people have managed to create art that is as lasting and appreciated as his is. Giovanni Tiepolo was born in Venice in 1696, and he lived until 1770. He is one of the greatest painters in Italy, and his work has influenced many people over the years. As

El evolution occurred in alignment with the Bolsheviks rise

El Lissitzky’s pieces were produced within the 20th Centuryart movement, Constructivism. Closely linked to the Modernist era of design, Constructivismstarted within the Soviet Union with the Russian avant-garde. This movementfollowed the trends of work primarily influenced by industry, manufacturers andarchitecture. Constructivism incorporated elements of both fine art and design,whilst utilizing mechanical and geometrical shapes to construct abstract formsthat represent deeper meaning, function clearly dictated form. El Lissitzky wasthe face of

The The duration of these developments and the

The historical development of a discipline can be defined as the changes made in the methodology, concepts and language of the discipline. The duration of these developments and the impact it has on the quality of knowledge varies. Thus, is the relationship between the quality of knowledge and duration of historical development mathematical in the sense that they are directly proportional to each other? Furthermore, how can they be directly

Essay who was a well-known rock n roll

Essay by Magda ZmyslonaI decided to look into the history of 1970’s. In 1970’s, there were so many different monumental events and art movements. One of the historical and important moments is when Elvis Presley, who was a well-known rock n roll artist died in his bathroom in 16 August 1977. Another one was when NASA send their first spacecraft to the orbit. First test tube baby was born. Artists

In materials they started using. Because the newer

In the nineteenthcentury, architects were focused on recreating old styles. Even though theywere trying to recreate architecture, it never ended up being the same as howit was created before. It still would look like a new style, because of the newskills architects had acquired, and new materials they started using. Because thenewer creations looked different than the older styles architects were tryingto recreate, the name Neo – Classical was created.

Arts ans aesthetics

Art is a powerful medium of communication with the world at large, artists hold the power to influence the way people think and live. Art defines our consciousness; therefore, it can impart and instruct as well as entertain at the same time. -artists serve the function of being role models in society because of their far reaching influence so it is obligatory on their part that they seek to establish

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