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One of the co-founder and former artistic director ofSoulpepper Theatre, Albert Schultz, has been accused of bullying, sexually assaulting,and harassing women who worked for him. Diana Bentley, Kristin Booth, Patricia Fagan and HannahMiller — four actresses from the theatre filed lawsuits claiming $4.25 millionin damages from Soulpepper and $3.6 million from Schultz himself.The alleged plaintiffs claimed that they were victimized by”a sexual predator who . . . had well-developed methods

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As a teenager, I founded ahenna art business in Seattle, and employed several artists to contract withsmall to large clients including Nintendo and Microsoft. This earlyentrepreneurial experience impressed upon me the importance of human capital; mybiggest challenges were not with inventory or marketing, but with developingand retaining employees. The henna business sparked my interest in talent, andsince joining Liberty Mutual after college, I have built functional HRknowledge in areas from

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Pygmalion between Ambition and Identity1. The writer life (George Bernard Show)1.1 His life:George Bernard Show is a one the famouswriter 19th century, born in Dublin in 1856. His father (George CarrShow) and his mother (Lucinda Gurley Show). He is the youngest child and onlyson of his family. In his first early life, live in Irish with his family,before that he lived in Hampshire. His family were faith in ProtestantAscendancy in Irelandbut

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Summary Since the Camera cameon shelves there has never been something that changes the look of art making onsuch a big stage as digital art. Digital art uses digital technology in acreative and practice use. When the digital age began around the 1950 it was onlya matter of time before artists would use the technologies for their owncreative use. As with all new means, artists began to use these brave

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    Music has long affected and reflected aspects of the world. Nowhere does that seem truer than with the blues music of the American South; specifically the haunting notes echoing from the Mississippi Delta. Blues artists have produced tales of people’s sadness, struggles, racism, and many other subjects for over 100 years. Recently, academics have joined with local participants to ensure that obscure artist gains the recognition that equals

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  Originating in the nineteenth century, First-wave Feminism, emerged after centuries of widespread female oppression.  The movement resulted in suffrage for American women in 1920, as well as ‘laying the groundwork for future feminists’ (Buchanan, 2010) who emerged during the 1960s.  First-wave Feminism, alongside the outbreak of the Second World War, resulted in vast numbers of women entering higher education and the workforce for the first time, filling positions previously deemed

ABSTRACT There are many examples of expressionistic art

ABSTRACT There are many examples of expressionistic artthat evoke feelings of happiness, sadness, anger or even anxiety to theiraudience. As mentioned in the targeted article though, ‘it might be impossibleto sum up the emotions with neat labels – happy, sad or angry. When we areunable to describe the emotion expressed in a work of art in (other) words wetend to use the short phrase ‘expressive’. ‘ (Barwell,1986). Prompted to better understand

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The 20th century is full of American accomplishments. The U. S. established its cultural influence around the 1950s after coming out of World War II as a world superpower. Its economy was booming and becoming the economic powerhouse the world sees today. America’s military was the dominate force on the planet after defeating both Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. In recent decades despite the devastating attacks of 9/11 the U.S. ultimately went into the

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ROTATOR CUFF TEARType of manuscript: A reviewRunning title : Rotator cuff tear Revathi.BUndergraduate studentSaveetha Dental College, Saveetha university Dr.K.Yuvraj BabuDepartment of anatomySaveetha Dental College Saveetha university Chennai Tamil Nadu  India Corresponding authorStudent Email: [email protected] comContact number : 9176789720Author name : Revathi.BGuide name :  Dr.K.Yuvraj BabuYear of study : l-BDS :2017-2018ABSTRACT:INTRODUCTION:Rotator cuff is a common shoulder type of muscle. It is called rotator cuff because the function is actually on the basis of rotator motion. Rotator cuff tear

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Ithink most of the world has seen a work by Michelangelo and are prettyimpressed by his work. I personally like Michelangelo’s work because of howmuch detail and how much effort went in to his art. I remember throughout gradeschool seeing these masterpieces over and over again in textbooks and onwebsites. I always wanted to see them up close in person because seeing them inthe book doesn’t give you the same

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