To summer and is hosted in countries across

To what extent has hosting the Olympic Games benefitedBrazil’s economy?  Introduction It is well documented that hosting the Olympic Games is afinancial landmark for any country, it implies that the country hosting thegames are financially stable and that the countries government is taking a stepin the right direction to making their country one of the world’s economicsuperpowers. However it could be argued that hosting the Olympic Games is onlya short-term gain

MLit test 2

Who is the composer of this piano music? Chopin Who is the composer of this piano music? Liszt Who is the composer of this art song called “The Erlking” Schubert How did the french composer Hector Berlioz call the following theme in his “Symphonie Fantastique”? Idee fixe This theme is recurrent in Berlioz’ story in “Symphonie Fantasique”, what is the name of this movement? A Ball Who composed this theme

Music Exam: Romantic Era

nationalism Inclusion of folk songs, dances, legends, and other national material in a composition to associate it with the composer’s homeland; characteristic of romantic music exoticism Use of melodies, rhythms, or instruments that suggest foreign lands rubato Constant change in tempo fast -> slow strophic Vocal form in which the same music is repeated for each stanza of a poem through composed different melody/new music for every stanza Absolue music

Study Guide Section 3

3-24-1. The first modern conservatory of music was founded in __________.a. Londonb. Parisc. Viennad. Berline. New York b. Paris 3-24-2. Beethoven’s first music teacher was __________.a. his fatherb. Haydn (first teacher in Vienna)c. Mozartd. Albrechtsbergere. J. C. Bach a. his father 3-24-3. Of the following, which was not a way that Beethoven earned a living during his first creative period?a. performing on the pianob. publishing piano musicc. teaching piano lessonsd.

Intro to Music: Romanticism

Individuality of Style Characteristic that describes how many romantics created music that sounds unique and reflects their personalities. Romantic music puts unprecedented emphasis on self-expression and this. Through this, one can identify the composer after only a few seconds of listening. Expressive Aims and Subjects Describes how the romantics explored a universe of feeling that included flamboyancy, intimacy, unpredictability, melancholy, rapture, and longing. This caused countless songs and operas to

Music History Study Guide

England The Industrial Revolution started during the late eighteenth century in which country? Paris The first modern conservatory, established in 1795 as part of a new national system of education designed to offer education to all citizens based on merit rather than class, was in what city? Late Period A frequent use of imitative counterpoint, especially fugue, is a characteristic of which period (early/middle/late) in Beethoven’s life? 1803 Beethoven’s music

Why did some people have such different opinions about the 1960s

1960s was a time that many people look back on with fond memories, but which others blame for some of the failings of society. It was a time of freedom, a decade of social conflict, scandal, war, sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. In an age of increased middle class wealth, for the first time in history, people had buying power, rationing was well and truly a thing of the

The American Youth Revolt Project

During the years 1945-1970, Americans enjoyed unprecedented prosperity, as rapid economic growth provided most middle class white Americans with comfortable lifestyle that was envied around the world. There was a post-war ‘baby boom’. Between 1945-1960 which increased the population by about 40 million. At the same time the gross national product (GNP), the total value of all goods and services produced in one year doubled. America was now producing half

Kellogg’s Real Fruit Winders.

Kellogg’s Launching Real Fruit Winders through new media Summary Concepts: Marketing, target, launch, Chewchat, campaign, snack, Fruit Winders, consumers, communicate, website, interactivity, advertising, animations. Summary: This case study looks at the recent launch of Kellogg’s Real Fruit Winders. The Internet was chosen to communicate with the target audience because it is where children interested in games and technology are most likely to be found. The campaign aimed to grab the

Latvia find plenty of wolves, lynxes, otters and

LatviaLatvia, officially called the Republic of Latvia, is a democratic republic and one of the Baltic states in northern Europe. It is bordered by Estonia in the north, Lithuania in the south, Russia in the east, Sweden in the west, and Belarus in the southeast. In 2017, it had an estimated population of 1.95 million people, most of who are indigenous. The country has an area of roughly 24,900 square

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