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The Piano – Not A Feminist Film

Feminist Film? “Yes” by Rebecca Surge (1994) She Is strongly against my pollen, she views The Plano as a very feminist film. She Is a very reliable graduate student at the university of Massachusetts, Boston studying the role of women in politics. EGGS 3307: Feminist Film Studies, Feminism and The Piano blob post by “zestiest” (September 2008) He or she holds a slightly ambiguous opinion. There are several points in

What participated in the creation of multiple short films,

What motivates humans to behave in the ways we do? Is it based on external factors? Or should we take a closer look at our biology and genetics to draw a conclusion? The dynamics of psychology affect our everyday life and behavior and this is what attracts me to the subject.  Reading about case studies through lessons, articles and my own research has intensified my desire for examining and understanding people’s behavior. One reason I wish to study psychology is that is gives you many skills that other subjects do not such as an expansive understanding of the emotional,

‘Pleasantville’ how mise-en-scene operates as part of the narration

‘Pleasantville’ is a 1998 film directed by Gary Ross, it stars Tobey Maguire as David (Bud) and Reese Witherspoon as Jennifer (Mary-Sue), two teenagers from the 90’s that get transported into David’s favourite TV show ‘Pleasantville’, a 50’s sitcom. The film questions the social constructs of the era as the two visitors alter the course of the narration by not conforming to the norms of society. Mise-en-scene originally was a

“Passion, me plenty of time to think about my

“Passion, patience, perseverance. You have to do this if you’ve got to be a filmmaker.” A quote by American director Robert Wise, and a quote I completely agree with. From my time studying film as an A- level, I understand the importance of having these three characteristics, and I strongly believe that I possess each of them. During my time in college, I have gained a vast knowledge, learning how

Presenter: book Burton on Burton (ITEM 5).Powerpoint: (Insert slide

Presenter: Tim Burton is an American director, who specialises in fantasy dramas that rely heavily on gothic styles and conventions and who has created an oeuvre that makes him one of the most famous directors in Hollywood today. This is the presentation of my research that will explore the aesthetic and characters in his films, with particular reference to Edward Scissorhands (1990) and Beetlejuice (1988). Known for his gothic style

An Investigation Into the Construction of Gender in Crime Series Television

An investigation into the construction of gender in crime series television. This paper is going to deconstruct how gender is portrayed in crime programmes on popular television. Focusing on how female characters are represented compared to male characters also looking at examples and comparing these against the challenges of the normal conventions within the crime series genre. This paper is going to analyse shows where the female characters take the

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