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Think capture Vimy Ridge, a ridge located at Vimy,

     Think about all you have, all you have accomplished and now think about if WW1 or WW2 was not won by the allies, would you be here today? Now that has been a question many have been asking, would one event small or big drastically change the outcome of one country? The answer to that question is still unknown as we cannot answer something we do not know. Think

Antoni Gaudi in context both architecturally

Antoni Gaudi in context both architecturally and politicallyAbstractionThe undermentioned thesis seeks to look at the artistic, political and ideological bequest of Antoni Gaudi – one of the most advanced designers of the modern epoch. We propose in peculiar to look at both his creative end product and his ideological strong beliefs, charting the building of some of Spain’s most celebrated cultural landmarks in tandem with an analysis of the historical

Art thin and etc. Color used in art

Art is a diversefield of expressing emotions, technical and imaginative skills of the creatorthat can be expressed in form of visual or auditory representation. Art hasalways been used by humans to communicate and express emotion since thebeginning of time from early Stone Age to present. The craftsman knows what hewants to make before he makes it. The making of a work of art is a strange andrisky business in which

Ghana its traditional mosques and large central mosque.

Ghana The location of my country is in West Africa.Ghana is just a few degrees north of the equator. It’s 92,099 miles from where we live it. The largest city in ghana is Accra. Also the longest river is Volta.  The capital of Ghana is Accra since the 17th century Accra has grown into a buzzing city it was known as the rich western  style buildings and friendly populations. Also

Cover Letter

As you will have noted from the details stated on my application form, I am a History of Art graduate with a Masters Degree in Visual Cultures and several years of experience of working in visitor services in busy museum and tourist attractions. I always had a keen interest in Museum Education for several years now and I have had many varied experiences related to this field, which have strengthened

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