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It is no secret that a consumer prefers the goods which he knows well. He willbuy and recommend them to his relatives, to his friends and acquaintances. If aproduct occupies strong market positions, it can be named a brand.Brands are often extended beyond their original categories to include newproduct categories. Research has proved that the success of brand extensiondepends on the transfer of parent brand awareness and associations to theextension.

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Agricultureentrepreneurshipcan define as managerial skill and entrepreneurial spirit are needed to startand run a profitable farm business and. Some of the farmers are alreadyexcellent managers and the spirit of an entrepreneur. Few of the farmers havedeveloped outstanding abilities to make the most of them are lack ofinnovative, do not want to takes risks, and lack the drive that is usuallyassociated with an entrepreneurial spirit. Hence, the farm-entrepreneurs haveto provide a

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According to Connell andFerres (2003), trust building is an ongoing process which will last until theorganization exists. Trust is not an inherited trait, but it is an earnedtrait. In other words, a person trusts another one based on his activities inthe past. Genetics or reputation has nothing to do with the development oftrust. Amazon is one company which tries to develop trust among all itsemployees and departments. Under the leadership

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 InstagramFollowing the astronomic achievement of Instagram in 2017 weare able to barely await 2018, with the ranges outperforming contender Snapchatvia August, 2017. I anticipate that this channel will lead the exchange inmultiplied reality as its peer’s war to live privy to its cutting-edge 300million every day clients. That is tremendous. You could possibly assumebusiness highlights with first rate customization that will turn out to beavailable, offering brand enhanced engagement opportunities

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The reason behind the selected study area is because ofpersonal interest in marketing and branding, by which have always been part ofmy passion throughout my academic years due to the complex psychological andbehavioral elements that these subjects entail. Acknowledging best practices inthe way marketing and branding are applied within technology nowadays iscrucial due to the rapid growth and high dependency on the internet, which issignificant within the tourism industry. The use

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OFFICE STATIONERYItis safe to say that you are launching your new business? Or on the other handis your present image required a new office stationery? Perhapsyou have a logo although need to set up an eye-getting design and printing onyour office stationery.Likewise, clients expect that your brand status will beprofessionally composed over all media. Thus, you truly don’t need your brand tofeel outdated, lack visual interest, or show up carelessly

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Paige CamerlinCOMM 340-42January 29, 2018 Industry Research  Marketing communications managers oversee and direct advertising in a company and manage public relations activities for non-profit entities or businesses. Allocating company resources to maximize collaboration as well as enhancing efficiency and creativity in the workplace are also key parts of the job. Keeping branding consistent and staying informed on industry trends are also major roles as a marketing communications manager. The projected job

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  We are living in a world of marketing and branding, From thetime we starts our day till we end it we are using many material things, haveyou ever notice the logo of those products the answer is Yes definitely,everyone does. You are right but do you the real meaning of those logos, Itseems to be really simple at first sight. I think, it is just another way to introduceproduct in

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With a lot of eagerness into practical learning Ihave started utilizing my summer vacations like a short term semesters where Iget chance to explore theoretical concepts. One such exploration made me anintern at Construction of HyderabadMetro Rail by L&T. It gave me a chance to perceive various departmentslike planning, construction strategy and site engineering from variousperspectives but what regaled and excited me was the cogitation how such a bigconstruction project

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1.    Introduction A rise in the Textile industry of Pakistan expansion in cotton production has been magnificent since 1947. Cotton-bales expand from 1.1 million bales in 1947 to 10 million bales by 2000. Addition in a number of mills was made from 3 to 600.  It hires 50% of industrial labor and justifies 65% foreign exchange of total exports. Expertise feels that Pakistan has the textile industry of massive size

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