Musical Compositions

Apple Innovation

An economic crisis can be a crucible that forges new innovations in business operations or they can lead companies to make dumb mistakes that destroy them as they rush blindly to survive. We’re beginning to see corporations move into one camp or the other as the economic downturn gets worse and worse but one company one company stands out for forging ahead on innovation: Apple Computers. Apple’s innovation in their

Personal Statement to study Music

My interest in music came at a fairly early age when I used to love listening to Radio 1 and Classic FM as a toddler but it wasn’t until, after watching my sister and aunty at dance festivals who had been in a number of music projects and performances with dancing schools for many years that I also became involved. I found music calming and also realised that it was

The film-maker

Discuss how the film-maker, Christopher Morris, of Janis Joplin: Southern Discomfort has encouraged viewer response towards the subject of Janis Joplin through the version of reality that he has constructed. In your discussion examine how the various methods of construction have been used to present details about Janis’ life to elicit particular responses from the viewer. Christopher Morris presents in Janis Joplin: Southern Discomfort the perfect icon for stardom in

Slow Hand Records

For my one act for promotion, I have chosen ‘Mahdee’. The elements or parts of Mahdee’s image that I would make more noticeable, emphasise or change to fit with the anti-sexiest and anti-racist policy is only her image of clothing. This will be considering her musical style, hair, clothes gender, life style and even the name itself. Mahdee is an eighteen year old female teenager from London. She is mixed

‘Smash Hits’ sells itself as a ‘popular music magazine

‘Smash Hits’ sells itself as a ‘popular music magazine’; it fits well into this self-proclaimed genre and creates its image through the codes, conventions, and generic signifiers of that genre. For example, bright, bold lettering-the red and white titles, almost like a stamp. Generic signifiers and genre in general are vital to both the magazine and its audience, the audience use genre as a means of segmenting and recognition in

Escaping from the recession

Many home entertainment operators say sales of all kinds of entertainment products dropped dramatically in 1997 as the recession took hold. But only a year later, sales began to pick up with video rental and distribution businesses, in particular, gaining increased popularity. The quick turnaround is partly attributed to a widespread use of video, video compact disc (VCD) and digital versatile disc (DVD) players for use as a home entertainment. and cloud hosting services. The company was Inc. is the leader in the online retail business that deals with electronic products and cloud hosting services. The company was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 but the website, which is the core marketing and selling platform for the company, was launched in 1995. Currently, the company’s headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, US. The company operates several websites that target different markets i.e. in UK, France, Japan, China,

Scars a really simple manner. Looking at her face

Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessica Cara  In present day, society has placed a great emphasis on how individuals, specifically women, should portray themselves when it comes to body image. Body image being a very controversial topic has allowed many celebrities to use their platform as a way to encourage self-love. Alessica Cara being one of these celebrities, has conveyed a positive message about self-love and acceptance through her music

How an iPod works

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: How an iPod works? An iPod works thanks to its main features. One of these features is the audio. Depending on the model type, an iPod is proficient in holding between 20,000 and 40,000 songs. This may seem like many songs to sort through but the iPod has an exceptional and expedient search function. This search function allows the user to type in the song or

Samantha uniform groups in the multiculturalism America. They framed

Samantha BrownTheMusic of Black Americans ProfessorTorff December17, 2017 The Necessity for an Understanding ofSlave Songs and Spirituals in Understanding African American Musical Culture asa Whole The legacy of slave songs from the livesof African Americans throughout their enslavement remains today, in whichAfrican tradition was heavily integrated into a form of communication among theslaves through signified meaning, and an integration of religion allowed forthe evolution of spirituals.Slave songs and spirituals represented

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