Places Of Worship

I have recently visited three churches, of three different traditions, and I am going to look at two of these. The two church traditions I will look at are the Baptist Church and the Greek Orthodox Church. The two buildings I studied for this are ‘Romford Baptist Church’ and ‘St John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church’. I will discuss the main features of each church and then look at why

Middle Ages

The word ‘Church’ means ‘belonging to the Lord’. In the Middle Ages, the word had more than one meaning. In the broadest sense, it meant the body of all good Christians. It included those already in purgatory and heaven, together with those on earth who would one day be saved.The word ‘church’ also stood for the clergy. These were people , such as priests, monks, nuns and friars, who had

The Christian religion

The Christian religion is made of many denominations, each with its own style of worship. The denominations include Roman Catholic, Church of England, Orthodox, Baptist, Methodist and Quaker. All of these different denominations have their own place of worship, contain different furnishings, different sizes and styles of furnishings with some that are very ornate whilst others are very simplistic. Most Christian holy buildings have some common main furnishings, for example,

The Art of Poetry

When one thinks about poetry the first thing you may think about is the complexity of poetry. Typically I think people are afraid of literary works such as poetry and dismiss poetry because they find It to be too complicated. Many people don’t Like to read things that actually require them to think about the text and deem them complicated because they don’t want to take the time to see

Why does he ride for the money

“Why does he ride for the money? Why does he rope for short pay? He isn’t getting anywhere, and he’s losing his share. He sure must be crazy out there.” This is an excerpt from a Garth Brooks song called “Rider’s Lament.” It is a statement that questions the life of a cowboy. The cowboy has a job that is beneath most people’s standards. He herds cattle. He brands them,

Examine at least 2 reasons for believing in life after death

There is one thing on which all philosophers agree: ” our earthly life in our current physical form will end”(Jordan). According to Collins English dictionary death is “the perminent end of all functions of life in an organism.” Many people accept death as the end of any form of existence. Others would argue that death is not the end of life, and that we continue in some form after death.

That religious beliefs can be neither justified

Some people say that religious beliefs can be neither justified nor refuted by reason. However, while sometimes this claim is used as a reason for rejecting religious beliefs, at other times it is used to conclude that these beliefs are established by faith. To what extent is faith a legitimate basis for knowledge claims, in religion and different Areas of Knowledge?In order to fully understand the legitimacy of faith as

Sarangani East Coast’s Pride and Beauty

It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon when I woke up; the sunlight rays are kissing through my skin, the soft serenading voice of the coastal wind is penetrating to my ears and the beautiful scenic view around appears Like I’m In some kind of a shooting for a film ?everything seems perfect. “Am I in heaven, Lord? ” I confusingly asked myself. I later then realized that I was

Assisi Poem review

The Poem “Assisi” was written by Norman Mac Caig, and in it he describes his feeling at seeing a deformed beggar outside a grand ornate church. In my essay, I will argue that Norman Mac Caig’s motive for writing the poem is to arouse our sympathy for the beggar and our disgust at the church for its hypocrisy. In addition I will look into how he achieves this and point

Select and explain the important aspects of a Buddhist Temple

The first things you will notice about a typical Buddhist temple are the gates on the outside of the grounds. These usually have paintings of guardians and/or fierce statues on the edges of the gates. These guardians are the guardians of wisdom, of Holy Scripture (holy teachings), of correct thinking (this is one of the parts of the eightfold path) and of fundamental directions (this means the choices etc that

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