family escaped, fleeing to a refugee camp

Yousuf Karsh is remembered as a famous Armenian-Canadian photographer, well known for his portraits of notable people. On December 23, 1908 Yousuf Karsh was born in Mardin, Turkey, during the Armenian genocide. Fortunately, Karsh survived, but several of his family members did not make it. When Karsh was fourteen years old, he and the remainders of his family escaped, fleeing to a refugee camp in Syria. Less than a year

We and develop my creativity further, but not

We live in a highly visual society and I have always observed my surroundings with interest. I currently work for a large British catalogue retailer and cannot seem to go a day without noticing logos and designs, some of which are more memorable and noticeable than others. Through everything I observe inspires my thought process of creativity and design, and the art of its persuasion wanting to promote a strong

1. of our digital world. First computer and

1. IntroductionMobile phones becomes a basic necessity of our digital world.First computer and now smart mobile phones revolutionize our every aspect oflife. Modern smartphones are closer to handheld computers that enable us to performmany task like make video calls, photography, mailing, watch videos, socialmedia and perform banking tasks and much more besides. Mobile operating systemis a software which controls and drive all the components of a mobile hardware Amobile operating

Abstract- gesture recognition. Differently from the Kinect, this

 Abstract-Drones nowadays are widely used aroundthe world for a variety of purposes including aerial videographer, photography,surveillance etc. A simple gesture controller can make the task of pilotingmuch easier. In our implementation, the Leap Motion Controller is used forrecognition of gestures, which are motion of the hand, and as a result, we cancontrol the motion of the drone by simple gestures from the human hand. Themotive of this project is to

How useful is a visit to the Tudor parts of Hampton Court to find out how Henry VIII used the palace

Hampton Court is a Royal Palace built by Cardinal Wolsey in 1514 and taken over in 1528 by King Henry VIII. It is Situated in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames in South west London on the bank of the River Thames. Today the palace is open to the public and is a large tourist attraction. Hampton Court has not been lived in by a Royal family since the

Why were the major cities of Britain bombed by the Germans in 1940-41

After the fall of France, as a prelude to Hitler’s main ambition of destroying Russia, Hitler began to attack Britain. In order to do this, however, he had to destroy the RAF, in what was named ‘Operation Sealion.’ Hitler decided the most effective way to do this would be to destroy the fleet on the ground, so the Luftwaffe began to bomb ports, airfields and RADAR stations. However, on the

How to make a movie

Name: Course:Instructor:Date: How to make a movie I love watching movies; I have watched hundreds of movies since middle school. Movies are fascinating, captivating, emotional and full of exploration. Through watching movies I get to see different places, cultures, people and lifestyle that people live which is portrayed in the movies. Through movies myths, legends, other planets and history of past events are brought to life. Movies are based on

The road by McCarthy Cormac

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The road by McCarthy Cormac The Road was a novel written by Cormac McCarthy in 2006. The main plot of the story revolves around an unnamed father and his son, who go on an expedition across a severe apocalyptic countryside some years after a massive cataclysm destroyed all living things on Earth. The resulting land was devoid, filled with ash, and the human survivors were all

Photography Analysis

Photography Analysis Name: Course: Date: Photography Analysis For the pictures provided in this book, the purpose was to sell the publicity of the Glacier Park to people in order to have many visitors. In these photos, much of their purpose was to attract people to come to the Glacier Park using photos of the Indian Blackfeet community. The Blackfeet people posing for these photos were only used for this purpose

The Expansion of Surveillance Techniques in Society

The Expansion of Surveillance Techniques in Society Name: Institution: The Expansion of Surveillance Techniques in Society 1. Introduction Surveillance refers to the close observation of a person’s behavior or activities. The acts of surveillance are used for different purposes, in different environments. It may be used in workplaces, international borders or even on city streets. In workplaces, surveillance techniques are used to monitor employee productivity. Surveillance may also be used

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