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In AY. 5 both speakers are performing their first speeches and they are very reverse, but still deliver a great introduction to their speeches. In, My Eye on the World, I did not really see an attention grabber. She goes straight into explaining her photography and how it shows her views on the world around her. The audience can immediately see that her speech is going to be about the

Descriptive Experiences on Photojournalism Practice: A Cross River and Akwa

Descriptive Experiences on Photojournalism Practice: A Cross River and Akwa Ibom States’ Version Ndoma J. Brown Department of Mass Communication Cross River University of Technology Calabar, Calabar – Nigeria. E-mail: [email protected] com +234 8034010082 ABSTRACT This study sets out to examine personal challenges and prospects of photojournalism practice in Nigeria. The study was basically extracted from personal experiences of photojournalists in Cross River and Akwa Ibom states; believing that this

Expressing business. I believe I’ve gained a lot

Expressing my creativity has been my passion since my early teens.I believe a course in Creative advertising with marketing covers all the areas or interests and knowledge I need to start my own business. The modules involved will help me elaborate on what I’ve learnt in college. As a dynamic blogger I was attracted to the module, Managing social media and Advertising Campaign Management.I’ve generally been occupied with composing an

The and if and/or how it leaves (Brinson,

The two classification systems presented this week were the Hydrogeomorphic (HGM) wetland classification system (first introduced by Brinson in 1993) and the Cowardin Classification System (Cowardin et al., 1979; also deemed as the National Wetlands Classification Standard).HGM classification defines wetland classes and subclasses based on the components of geographic setting, water source, and hydrodynamics (Brinson, 1993). This system focuses on the evaluation of the functions of wetlands. HGM classification depends on the landscape context,

Mobile Phone

Everyone nowdays own mobile phone, big or small, poor or rich and the reason behind that is Human being life depend on mobile phone . Mobile phone is a device that is used in making and receiving telephone calls. It was invited by Martin Cooper in 1970. He was the first one to handeled mobile phone and to led the team that had brought it to the market. Martin Cooper

The of time, money and effort Just to

The study of semiotics in attempting to observe how things mean has beenuseful to identify the language behind pre-wedding photo activities inIndonesia. The application of this knowledge to analyse the signifier andsignified of pre-wedding photo activity generates interesting findings aboutIndonesian communities. Pre-wedding photo shoots in Indonesia havepresumably been performed for so many years that it has become the ideal ofevery couple that wants to tie the knot. The ideology of

Art and the Humanities

Thesis and Method (75 Words) In this paper I am going to be studying the use of Photography and showing how to use it in order to make the world a better place to live, a place where it would be easy to be. I will be describing my methods and ideas on the actions that will contribute to my perception on how to make the world where we live

Regret – Dealing with It

Rebecca Soloist’s essay, “The Solitary Stroller and the City, and Daniel Gilbert’s chapter, “Immune to Reality”, from his book, Stumbling on Happiness, which discuss strolling through different cycles and how the psychological Immune system functions, respectively, both reflect on how regret influences a person’s life in different ways – costively and negatively. The psychological immune system helps the brain accept the things it cannot change, but sometimes this theory backfires,

The City of San Diego

San Diego is considered one of the most attracting, enticing and interesting cities in the Southern California. Actually, the city is located in the southwest of the United Stated of America. San Diego’s population amounts more than one million people and, therefore, the city is claimed to be the second largest city in California and, consequently, the seventh largest city in America. San Diego is also a county seat of

SWOT Analysis: PetCo

I   Organization History and Mission StatementPETCO is a leading chain of retail stores that offers pet supplies and services such as grooming and dog training. PETCO was founded in 1965 and incorporated in Delaware. Its main headquarters is found in San Diego, California. Currently, it is a privately owned company held by Texas Pacific Group and Leonard Green & Partners which acquired PETCO at a sum of $1.8 billion in

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