Music test#1

Harmony Important to most western music Tone A musical pitch produced by steady, definite vibrations Pitch Determined by frequency of it’s vibrations Interval The distance between two pitches Unison Two singers can create monophonic music, even if an octive apart Staff generally has 5 horizontal lines. Legato Notes thats are smooth and connected Staccato Notes that are short and detached. Triad A three-note chord Tonic The first note of any

ch. 44 intro. to music

Which singer premiered George Crumb’s Ancient Voices of Children? Jan DeGaetani Of the following, which is NOT used in Crumb’s Caballito negro? piano The music of George Crumb includes many settings of the poetry of: Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca. Contemporary music has made fewer and fewer technical demands on performers. False Which of the following techniques is used by modern performers? all of the above Crumb’s Caballito negro is published in

Music Appreciation Part 1

Three alternate notes of a scale, sounded simultaneously, form a triad true The process of passing from one key to another is known as modulation true A collection of pitches arranged in ascending or descending order is called a scale A player’s embouchure refers to the position of their lips, jays, and facial muscles true The earliest wind and percussion groups were created for military purposes true In string playing,

Introduction to Music #3

monody vocal style established in the Baroque, with a solo singer and instrumental accompaniment Doctrine of the Affections Baroque doctrine of the union of text and music basso continuo italian for “continuous bass.” also refers to performance group with a bass, chordal instrument and one bass melody instrument (cello, bassoon) figured bass baroque practice consiting of an independent bass line that often includes numerals indicating the harmony to be supplied

Memories of Christmas

Christmas time. A stuffing of Turkey. A blanket of snow. A slice of Christmas pudding. A stocking of presents. A pine smell of the tree. A rustling of wrapping paper. An annoyance of carol singers. A clanging of cutlery. A gathering of those close to you.I remember the carol singers banging the door down madly on a bitterly cold December night. If I didn’t open the door soon there would’ve

To what extent has Christmas become over commercialised

The true origin of Christmas is a time to celebrate the incarnation of Jesus, a time when Christians believe God came to earth in human form. His birth which many referred to as the coming of the messiah was a time of great joy for the first Christians; his birth was greatly prophesised and anticipated. The happiness Christians felt at this time is why Christians today celebrate it, they feel

Ichabod his downfall. Ichabod, disciplines his students by using

IchabodCrane comes from Connecticut to travel to Sleepy Hollow to work as aschoolteacher, and a singing master. The narrator implies however, that Ichabodis not as great of a singer as he himself believes. “It was a matter of nolittle vanity to him, on Sundays, to take his station in front of the churchgallery, with a band of chosen singers; where, in his own mind, he completelycarried away the palm from

The Rolling Stones of 1960 Rock Band

The Rolling Stones of 1960 Rock Band Name: Course: Lecturer: Institution: Date: The Rolling Stones of 1960 Rock Band Introduction The Rolling Stones were known to be one of the greatest rock and roll bands of the 1960s. Rolling stones are one of the greatest British rock music bands that were formed in 1961. It became the major part of the British invasion of rock bands during the 1960s. The

How does the transition approach differ from the modernization approach to explaining democratization

Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: How does the transition approach differ from the modernization approach to explaining democratization? The modernization approach was the first theory on democratization proposed by Seymour Martin Lipset. The main principle of the modernization approach is that democracy is linked to economic progression. Higher levels of education and industrialization were presumed to be preconditions for democracy. This approach is considered unilateral as countries follow it in a

The Influence of Music to the Influence on Books

Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: The Influence of Music to the Influence on Books From ancient times, the influence of music on the society has been notably huge to the extent that each culture within the globe possesses a type of music that has a huge appeal. Musical genres have largely evolved from the diverse human preferences evidenced in the world. Music primarily projects its influence on the individuals through the

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