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Artist ManagementArtist Management is where an individual or company helps toguide the professional career of an artist in the entertainment industry. Therole of an artist manager is to focus on the business affairs of an artist aswell as advice and counsel them on things such as professional matters,long-term plans and personal decisions that may affect their career. ArtistManagers help the artist by managing things such as; branding, promotion,touring, sponsorships, merchandise, partnerships and recording. Artist Managerswill organise show dates and tours, liaise with record companies and productionhouses, and assist with studio planning. Artist Managers may also have tofunction as a lifestyle coach for the artist and support them personally andprofessionally to allow the artist to be creative. The artist manager helps theartist by taking care of the areas that the artist is weak in and allowing themto focus on creating music.

Features of a good artist manager include:Experience and connections in the industry, hungry for success, and someone whohas a compatible personality with the artist.Paul McGuiness was the full time artist manager of U2 from1978 to 2013. In 1984 He founded Principle Management Limited, a popular musicact management company. Paul McGuiness was often called the fifth member of U2as their manager because of how much he helped the band.

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McGuiness signedground-breaking corporate deals with companies such as Blackberry, Apple, andYouTube. McGuiness maintained his stated principle of being scrupulously fairand ensuring that U2 were never ripped off throughout his career. McGuiness isa crucial reason that U2 still exist after 35+ years because of the way hemanaged the band.      Scooter Braun is also an artist manager who represents artists such asJustin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Martin Garrix. Braun discovered 12 year oldJustin Bieber on YouTube and helped sign Bieber to Island Def Jam Music Group.This kick-started Biebers career who has now become one of the biggest artistsin the world.

Braun also discovered “Gangnam Style” by PSY, turning it into ahit song in 2012, topping the charts in 30 countries and becoming the firstvideo on YouTube to reach 1 Billion Views. In 2007, Braun established ScooterBraun Projects, a talent management company working with artists such as ArianaGrande, Blacked Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, PSY and more.  There are many different roles involved in artist managementas they must handle things like promotion, branding, marketing, licensing,merchandising and recording. They will also be responsible for finding artistsas much work as possible and must gain trust amongst the production houses,media houses and record labels that will employ their clients. An artistmanager must know how to effectively promote, brand and market their artist inorder to increase sales and public awareness of their clients, they may do thisusing online promotion such as social networking. An artist manager must haveknowledge about licensing and contacts in order to communicate with recordlabels and solicitors on behalf of the artist and ensure that the artist getspaid for what they create. If their artist’s music is used in a film or advert,then they ensure that the artist gets compensated.

An artist manager may alsohandle merchandising for an extra revenue stream, as fans of the artist willbuy merchandise. The branded products also act as promotion for the artist. Anartist manager may also have to organise when and where the artist recordstheir music, so will need to be in contact with record labels, recording studios,producers and sound engineers. They will also organise touring and live showsfor their artist by contacting event managers and working with touringcompanies to get their artist on stage.

Artist managers must also handlesponsorships for their artist as companies may want an artist to use theirproducts such as guitar amplifiers. Companies may sponsor the artist to usetheir equipment by paying them or giving them free equipment to use. Artist Managers aretotally responsible for their artist’s earnings so it is important that theygain their artists trust. Overall,Artist Managers are important parts of an artists success as they allow theartist to focus on creating music whilst handling important business affairsfor them such as promotion, branding, marketing, etc. Good Artist managers willcare about their artist and make sure the artists gets paid for what theycreate, and also help artists get in contact with record labels and recordingstudios to record their music. This can be seen in Paul McGuiness who made surethat U2 were never ripped off for the music that they made, signed importantdeals for the band and was crucial for their success and longevity as a band.This can also be seen in Scooter Braun who kick-started the careers of some ofthe biggest artists today such as, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande and helpedthem become so successful.

This shows how a good artist manager with the rightcontacts can make unknown artists, some of the biggest in the world.

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