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Last updated: July 22, 2019

As air travel is the most prominent means of travel in present day, many new airlines emerged while other operating airlines expand wings to escalate their capabilities. With these developments in the field, the number of aircraft owned by an airline increases in order to accommodate the expanding operations. These expanding processes were supported by the aircraft manufactures with the introduction of more fuel-efficient and sophisticated airliners.By the end of 2017, 3.2 billion passengers have traveled through the air while this figure is planned to appreciate by 50% making the number of passengers up to 4.

8 billion in next 10 years. Currently, the world is facing an acute shortage of aircraft to cater the brisk pace of increasing airline passengers.Asia has become one of the biggest aviation markets in the world. Within countries in Asia, Indian emerging market has become the engine of growth due to emerging airliners including many low-cost carriers.Boeing estimates that India will need 1,850 new aircraft worth $265 billion by the year of 2036.In last few years Indigo has made remarkable achievements to become one of the fast-growing airlines in the world. It was started as a domestic low-cost carrier in 2006 with few aircraft and now developed to an airline with nearly 150 aircraft while expanding its wings to the international market by commencing international flights out of the country.

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Within upcoming years Indigo has planned to buy 400 new A320neo airliners by making it the largest order in the history of commercial aviation. This introduction of aircraft to Indigo will make the aviation field in India superlative by appreciating Indian overall airline fleet.Spicejet, fourth largest airline in India which operates a fleet of 54 aircraft comprehends of Boeing 737s and Bombardier Q400s plays a significant role in the Indian aviation trade.

It operates domestic and international flights to 51 destinations worldwide. Spicejet has a 13% of contribution to the Indian passenger market share and this value keeps ticking on. To cater this demand Spicejet has made a plan to upgrade their fleet by introducing more airplanes. They have placed an order for 100 new B737 aircraft and altogether they will acquire 205 aircraft from Boeing, worth $22 billion. With the introduction of these airplanes, Spicejet will be a world-leading airline which flies both domestic and international routes with hundreds of airplanes.GoAir stands with a firm goal of making their fleet of 100 aircraft by the end of 2023.

Currently, they own 32 aircraft and contributes to 8.4% passenger market share as the fifth largest airline in India. GoAir has signed a memorandum of understanding with Airbus for 144 new A320neo aircraft.Jet Airways will acquire 100 more narrowbody aircraft by making its fleet up to 175 and Vistara Airlines has made arrangements to expand their fleet by introducing 50 narrowbodies and 50 widebodies.Most of the airliners in India have planned for fleet renewal programs while some airliners already executing their plans. When considering all of these plans Indian sky is about to get busy and upcoming 5 years will be a rebound point for the field with the fast-growing fleet.

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