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As a college student who was born and exposed during digital period,  I have the privilege to access any pieces of information by just one click. The internet browsers feed me with massive amount of information that are all accessible in the internet. Numerous websites have been published to convey different pieces of information.

They may be in the form of news pages or even satirical articles. Moreover, different journal pages have been established that contain thousands of published researches. As result, I should learn the skill of discerning  scientific articles from those articles that are made to entertain. Moreover, as a biology student, I am obliged to read various journal articles in my biology courses. As a result, I should have mastered the skill to immediately differentiate scientific articles from creative ones. Scientifically written articles  are made by experts in their respective fields whose purpose is to convey pieces of information that are relevant into their respective fields that were products of  rational thinking through carefully done experiments and researches. The articles such as those found in journals only contains factual information that are supported by empirical evidences. These articles are written in a formal and concise manner.

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These articles may contain numerous terms that requires a strong academic background in a particular field in order to be well understood. Academicians such as professors and students are the major subscribers of this kind of writing.  A biology student can understand journal articles in biology but may find difficulty to grasp the concepts of a journal article in chemistry. Moreover, scientific writing is a product of scientific method. Hence, it follows series of steps that must be followed strictly. In this way, the data are obtained in a rational manner that will lead to a logical and sound conclusion. All scientific articles  only follows one genre for they are factual and founded on rational thinking.

            Moreover, creative writing is the complete opposite of scientific writing for it is a product of imagination and experiences. Some forms can be done in one sitting. They can be done by anybody who are artistic enough to express their emotions in written form. Creative writing mainly aims to entertain.

Creative writing does not require any or particular group of persons for  the language it uses is universal. It can form emotional attachments with any readers especially to those who can relate. This form of writing does not follow any strict rules to be written as long as it is coherent. Moreover, the language used is informal and the meanings can be subject to various interpretations by the readers which can be dependent on the mood. Lastly, creative writing has many genres such as narratives which includes novels and novelletes, drama and poetry. The products of creative writing are available in any forms such as those novels published in hardbound books and the dramas enacted on television.

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