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Last updated: August 28, 2019

             As poverty continues to increase in America, the rise of the minimum wage is at a standstill.

Today, the average minimum wage in South Carolina remains at $7.25 an hour, which is far too low. By raising minimum wage people will no longer live under the poverty level, the bond of government assistance will finally be broken, and the amount of consumer spending will increase.

If changes in the minimum wage could be made, not only strengthen the economy, but help with affordable housing for families and low-income situations, help slow down teen pregnancies, and help students pay their way to college.            Since the typical cost for a living has increased, it has turned out to be relatively difficult to raise a family on the lowest pay permitted by law. In this manner, minimum wage by law ought to be raised. The costs of living without anyone else are simply excessively, an individual living alone won’t survive the lowest pay permitted by law paying employment either. According to Chris Lu article, Why It’s a Perfect Time to Raise Federal Wage, he stated “A full-time job shouldn’t mean a life in poverty. The federal minimum wage amounts to just $15,080 a year for full-time work. That translates into declining living standards, reduced economic mobility, and a shrinking middle class. It mires workers and our economy in an impoverishing cycle created by inadequate pay.

Far too many workers earning minimum wage turn to government assistance and food pantries to make ends meet.” (Lu, 2017).  The profit of the lowest pay permitted by law specialists conveys home is basic to their family’s prosperity.

Moral concerns identified with the center wage incorporate the point of view that the individuals who work the least paying employments ought to have the capacity to bear the cost of a fundamental and tolerable way of life and that legislators have a moral duty to address the necessities of the most reduced paid specialists. Organizations ought to be compelled to pay their workers what they merit, and that is more than the lowest pay permitted by law now.             The cost of education is a lot more today. Not only has the price of college gone up but also the price of many private and catholic schools. In this day and time, a college education is basic. Children cannot better themselves if their parents cannot pay for their education. Thus, leading to inadequate education of children as well as adults in college. According to Chicago Tribune, it states that “Low-income students, especially low-income African-Americans and Hispanics, experience the worst effect of working during college, said the report, which came out Wednesday.

They work full time because they’re afraid of taking loans, and consequently their studies suffer, they don’t have time to complete an internship that would help them after college and their dropout rate is high.” (MarksJarvis, 2015). Some children must rely on themselves to pay for college. They don’t get to go, because they can’t afford it on their minimum wage job. This is just not fair to our young kids who are the key to our future. If the minimum wage was increased, many people would be allowed the opportunity for a better education for themselves and their children. In the future you are going need a college degree to do almost anything. As technology gets better and more advanced the people are going to have to understand and learn more.

Some businesses need educated people so bad that they are willing to pay for their worker to go to college. As the demand for and educated worker gets higher so does the price of education. For the average person to go to college they need more than a minimum wage job to get there. Higher wages can lessen the rate of teen pregnancies, it will keep them involved. Teen pregnancies relate to not just fewer work opportunities, but minimum wages. A better approach to avoid teen pregnancy has been demonstrated to work, but simply making young ladies’ education a need.

Then again, when a female becomes pregnant they are most likely to not graduate yet let alone force them to work a minimum wage job. According to Ruben Castaneda wrote an article called “How Boosting Minimum Wage Could Lower the Teen Birthrate”, as I quote “In fact, raising the state minimum wages by $1 would reduce adolescent births across the U.S. by about 5,000 annually, according to a recent study by an Indiana University researcher.”(U.

S. News). Higher wages can give teenagers motivation to continue working. Their development opportunities would enhance, and they’d have a justifiable reason to not get bog down with childbearing or substitute work for relaxation.

            One may say that minimum wage should not be raised because it requires minimum skills, such as math and reading. For example, a job like McDonald’s requires you to know how to flip burgers and count money from the registers, when a Law Firm job requires you to have more knowledge on government laws. If minimum wage does become higher; businesses would attract more experienced workers, blocking younger people, or people in general willing to work, to remain stuck working a lowest wage jobs. According to the article, 9 Reasons Why Raising the Minimum Wage is Terrible states, “The lower the minimum wage, the more eager a minimum wage worker would be to enroll in a community college course at night, improve his or her skills, and apply for a higher-paying job.” (Reason, 8). If wages do rise it will force the youth to not want to attend school, or college. Giving them the benefit of the doubt to settle for a job that requires minimum wage skills instead.

The rates of high school and college drop outs will increase, rapidly. Also, according to the article, “It would eliminate jobs. Ordering businesses to pay entry-level workers more will make them hire fewer of them, and consider replacing more workers with robots or computers.” (Reason, 7). Raising minimum wage will cause businesses to lay off employees, increasing the unemployment rates. Therefore, if management could spread the cost of expanded wages to the customers of their merchandise by expanding costs. Then, the workers whom the expansion of the minimum wage was proposed to profit could confront higher expenses of living.

Additionally, if minimum wages increase, however, the wages of more gifted experts stay inactive, more talented laborers could be boosted to take positions that were typically filled by more youthful underqualified specialists.As South Carolina minimum wage remains the same, poverty rates tend to increase. As I discussed the benefits of minimum wage can help reduce individuals living under the poverty level, break the bond of government assistance, and increase the amount of consumer spending. According from U.S. News speaker Holly Skylar, CEO of Business for a fair Minimum Wage states the raise of minimum wage will put more money in the pockets of workers who most need to spend it (Soergel, 2017).

If changes in minimum wage be made, it could help strengthen help with affordable housing, reduce teen pregnancy, as well as help students pay their way through college.   Work CitesCastaneda, Ruben. “How Boosting the Minimum Wage Could Lower the Teen Birthrate.

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