As competence in the discipline (s) and teaching

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Last updated: September 26, 2019

As a public, we usually learn about individualsand their companies once they make it big.

We wondered about their success butrarely saw the immense struggle they went to get there. By not being exposed totheir failures, we are lonely left to compare ourselves to their successes. Itmay be difficult for us to prove the mistakes we make and the problems we areexperiencing.

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We often second-guess ourselves and doubt our abilities; notrealizing that poverty is necessary to succeed.Setbacks and failures areinevitable in life, no one is perfect, and we all fall on hard times at somepoint or another. But if we live so carefully to avoid failure, we’re alsonever teaching ourselves how to manage it effectively when we experience it. Sowhen faced with adversity, it often overwhelms us and causes us to give up. Thequestion then remains, how can we train ourselves to overcome these challengesand use them to our advantage.Many  people  his help  in  lifeexperience  that  this  istha electricity instractor before  they  are the  succesful  instractor  has  they more  than  more trials  for they  fulfieldthey  currancy, Others are struggling to reach their goal ofprofessionTeaching Keeps up with developments in the fieldof study. Demonstrates high standards-academic and professional.

Evaluatesstudent work constructively and provides timely feedback. Teaches at times andlocations that meet student needs. Provides access to students through postedconference hours, electronic communications, and other appropriate methods andresponds to inquiries in a timely manner. Reviews, evaluates, and recommendsstudent learning materials. Develops and uses a syllabus and course informationmaterials for each course, laboratory, or clinical setting within state,college, and departmental guideline. Professional Development Maintains highstandards of competence in the discipline (s) and teaching methodologiesthrough professional development activities.


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