As e learning platform an instant hit. Below

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Last updated: April 22, 2019

As the number of organizations relying on online learning as a effective training means increases, there comes a need to identify and understand the key factors that make any e learning platform an instant hit. Below are five powerful tips that will help you build an effective and successful e learning solution.

1) Design a distraction-free user experienceDesigning is not all about decoration. It is always wise to stick to the essentials. Carefully study your users and understand their needs, peel away the irrelevant elements from your system. Create an effortlessly simple e learning solution that does not require your users to go through any manuals. Such adaptive and easy-to-use systems will help in engaging users and furthermore ensure the success of your learning management system.2) Adaptive to user’s working styleVersatility is important, for both – the development process and the developed system. Rigorous development processes can create more hassles than ease.

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The processes should be flexible and adaptive so it becomes effortless for the system to adopt according to users needs. Your  LMSs should be such that  it is easier for administrators to manage and learners to use.Create a smart e learning solution that is not only web based but also compatible with mobile devices, which provide an opportunity to learn on the go. Such mobile elearning solutions enable learns to access content anytime anywhere and complete learning with just a few clicks on their mobile phones.3) Thorough Planning and Iterative ApproachPlanning is an important aspect in project development, it lays the foundation for a successful project.

There are various aspects that should be considered while planning for LMS such as the stakeholders involved, the communication plan, a roll-out schedule and the technicalities of the environment setup etc. While thorough initial planning covering minute details is important, in today’s dynamic age, LMS planning should be done with scope of changes later. An iterative approach is not just recommended but needed for the success of the LMS.Thus making incremental approach for LMS designing and development a must-have. 4) Appeal to all learning stylesYour elearning solution should take every learning style into consideration. One learner may benefit from visual multimedia such as videos and presentations of the lessons, another learner may be able to better absorb the information when it is presented in the text form. An effective e-learning system should always takes these various learning styles into account.

5)  Social learning Include social learning in your LMS. It helps promote knowledge exchange and encourages peer-to-peer interaction. Build a LMS with an established open line of communication between students and teachers. This will ensure that expectations and learning standards are met, further the learner received the help or support that they needed. Functionalities such as discussion forums, social media, chats, email, video conferencing etc can be integrated with your e learning system and help accelerate the success of your LMS.


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