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Last updated: May 18, 2019

Asthe crowd cheers, parents cry, teachers praise and classmates embrace eachother, there will never be anything that can compare to walking across thestage to get that diploma. That bittersweet end to see hard work pay off isexactly what turns today’s moments into tomorrow’s memories. But just as how everythingis in slow motion, there comes the realization that the celebration is not onlyabout oneself and one’s achievements, it is also about the celebration on thepurpose of education and its influence that transcends through generations.

As LaoTzu once said, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how tofish and you feed him for a lifetime.” We have to remember that the solepurpose of education is to shape minds and not careers, to teach us how to learnand not what to learn and to make us understand that education stands as alifetime investment and not a short term process. OscarWilde once mentioned that it is essential for us to remember that nothing worthlearning can be taught. It is incorrect to assume that every point that istaught will reciprocate to each point learned. Children and adults learn newthings everyday even if it is not in a classroom setting. In fact, even beforewe attended schools, we already learned the most fundamental things in life-walking, eating and communicating.

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Education shouldn’t be geared towards to thepreparation for work but a development for life itself. Applications of limitsand square roots, debates on philosophies in life and examples on the elementsof fiction will never be used as skills suitable in the workforce. However, itwill bulk up our knowledge to give us confidence and provide ourselves with thephysical and mental standards to transform and promote our state of mind. Whatwe lack is for teachers to teach us how to think and not what to think.

Ifanything, education is not only about logic and reasoning, it also requiresmoral values and disciplines. Education should serve as the medium if not thevehicle to explore and expand our thoughts as we express ideas and theories. Educationshould not deprive the students from their ability to think and theirwillingness to learn. Schools should not be the standard or their limit indefining what is there to learn from learning how to learn.

With this mindsetintact, our futures are set for endless possibilities.  Bylearning how to learn, humans of all ages will never stop growing. Educationmust be viewed of as a ticket, a ticket for a new beginning and a ticket tochange the world. In life, our goal is not to go through it. It is to grow throughit. That being said, explains how education is an everlasting and an everevolving process meant to shape the journey that is life.

Thepurpose of education and the value of it in our lives are irreplaceable.

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