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As a hopeful juvenile probation officer, it is important for me to understand that juvenile offenders are still children and still have the same needs as every other child. The criminal justice field typically regards juvenile offenders with adult responsibility. While it is necessary for people to be held accountable for their actions, it is also necessary to understand the development, social aspects, emotional well-being, and language barriers that affect children who are juvenile offenders.

It is my goal, as a future juvenile probation officer to focus on the rehabilitation of these kids by focusing on them as a whole rather than on what they did. The module discusses the various ways that adults who interact with children can develop proper techniques to instill learning and understanding from the child. The module focuses on the flexible and developmentally appropriate environment where the children will learn while focusing on the benefit of learning while they play. Applying this knowledge in a classroom, or in my case an office, is important to help the children practice understanding and autonomy. The individuality of the child is important to consider when teaching because culture affects behavior and respect helps to govern the actions of both child and teacher. It is especially important to understand culture and diversity as a juvenile probation officer because the children are making an adult decision before they are developmentally mature enough for them. Understanding individuality will help me to understand why individual juveniles committed the crimes that they did. For some juveniles who come through my office, I may be the only person who provides developmentally appropriate stimulation and a secure relationship with an adult.

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Developmental appropriate stimulationa and relationships are important for the development of the whole child. Many people believe that a child, once accustomed to a crime-filled life cannot be rehabilitated into a law-abiding citizen. I disagree. Children develop throughout their lives in various stages. If one or two stages of development are filled with poor decisions or mistreatment there is still an opportunity for an adult who wants to help, to provide that help. The experiences of the children who come through my office will shape who they develop into so practicing developmentally appropriate language and knowledge is an important philosophy for me to follow as well as teachers. Each child who comes through my office will have a specific set of experiences that shaped their maturation, and their life decisions up until that point.

Their biases are their own, as mine will be my own. It is important as an adult who can influence a child to understand your own biases to provide an environment that is as child-friendly and accepting as possible to aid in their education and rehabilitation. Personally, I have not experienced lawbreaking to the extent of the lawful action. I have been raised with divorced parents who co-parent well, in a middle-class household, by parents with higher education, and a family that provides warm, home cooked meals. These experiences shaped me into who I am today. Those experiences provide me with the foundation of bias, so it is important for me to recognize bias and allow myself to grow from that and realize that every case I have bias is important for adults who interact with children regularly because children’s cognitive, language, physical development, social learning, and emotional development, In the juvenile justice system, the children who have committed crimes it could influence how receptive they are to what the child is developmentally behind it could I learned from my mom, who is a teacher, that it is important to consider the whole child. She taught me in my early teenage years that you do not know where everyone has been and but not every child gets a secure relationship with an adult in their early childhood.

It is important to have trust with an adult in childhood. I had trust and secure relationships not only with my parents but aid them in developmentally appropriate rehabilitation. In ECH 328, the primary focus of the course was about learning the theorists and understanding what theories structure is important to help future teachers and Early Childhood Minors about how to cater to every aspect of the child. It is important to utilize development, culture, and the whole child as a juvenile probation officer because the cases that I over the course of time they are with you can affect the rest of their life. build a secure relationship not just with themselves but with the guardian if that is lacking. Seeing the whole child is critical to my office success. I will not have a skills and desires to not find themselves in any more trouble.

By creating an environment where they are comfortable being open and honest with me, I can help them more efficiently and with greater impact. Learning about the whole child and how to implement ways of recognizing and building the development of that child is important for any career that will spend time with children. In the criminal justice field, children citizen. This module provided resources and understanding

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