As the current development in the eSports industry

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Last updated: August 25, 2019

Asa result of highly active team-play strategic games, e-sports industry hasdrawn a lot of viewers in the past couple of years. The revenue generated bythis viewership encourages more organizations to invest in the professionalteams.

Besides providing funding to the whole team, the organizations alsoprovide the high amount of salary to the players. This kind of mechanism notonly helps the players to boost up their confidence level but also increasestheir fan following through online streaming platforms. In other words, thecurrent development in the eSports industry has overcome the first sportsindustry in the world.

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Apartfrom the pros, regular gamers can easily acquire these live streaming serviceswhere they broadcast their gaming sessions to some spectators and also contactthem as they please. It goes without saying that streaming live games is one ofthe hot topics of the current eSports industry. The phenomenon is so big thatretired players of eSports and amateur gamers are making a respectable livingfor themselves.

Asthe number of people that are streaming is growing rapidly, the number ofonline platforms that provide streaming services are also increasing. Now therehappens to be more than just one platform where you can broadcast and watchlive gaming sessions.Wehave comprehensively reviewed some of the most well reputed and biggestplatforms that provide quite incredible broadcasting services. We have summedup all the good and bad qualities and in the end, leave to you to decide whichone is your best pick whether you’re a viewer or a streamer.YouTubeGamingPros: User-Friendly Layout,well-developed DVR functions, easy to stream from Android gadgets.Cons: You cannot stream directly fromXbox One, it is difficult to reach the status of the partner because of therecent terms and conditions.

Whatis it?TheYouTube Gaming site was launched as a reply to the renowned Google’s gamebroadcasting site Twitch. The layout of the site is quite synonymous withYouTube. However, it is exclusively for on-demand and live gaming videos.Moreover, the side has a deep colored scheme as compared to its parent,YouTube.Youcan just view it from the vast categories of gaming videos, from cookerychannels to walkthroughs to the remixed soundtrack compilations.Facilitiesand layoutWhenyou enter the site, at the homepage you will see Trending, Spotlight andRecommended videos which show playlist or videos that are not live but wereuploaded recently. This is a great way to catch up on the gaming action thatyou have missed because it shows videos from a few hours to several weeks old.Inorder to catch up on the live action, all you have to do is select the tablabeled as “Live”.

As soon as you click it, you will be directed to a pagewhere you can see all the live actions in the world of gaming. To make it easyfor the viewers YouTube in the bottom right-hand corner there is a big redlabeled “Live” tag on the live broadcasting videos. YouTubealso has dedicated sections, where you easily find the channel or game of yourchoice along with the popular channels that meet your search credentials.Lastly, to find something in particular, YouTube has a great search engine whichgets what you want most of the times.TheYouTube Gaming site is fairly easy to navigate if you are already familiar withthe working of the parent site, YouTube. It makes it quite simpler to find whatyou are looking for whether it is being broadcasted live at the moment or wasuploaded a few weeks ago.YouTubeGaming for streamersThereis a slight problem that the streamers face involving the user subscriptionmethod of YouTube gaming which is apart from the main account.OnYouTube Gaming, when you make a subscription to a channel, it is not added toyour YouTube subscriptions.

Being a viewer, it is a great thing that organizestheir subscriptions as they desire. However, being a streamer it is somewhatfrustrating to find out that some subscribers may miss out on the action fromyour YouTube Gaming account, particularly if your viewers are habitual of usingthe standard YouTube site.So,it concludes with the fact that being a streamer, there is no problem of beingdiscovered by your fans. However, it is somewhat a problem of beingrediscovered by your subscribers.Moreover,if you have a large number of followers on YouTube then it is quite easy totransfer your online spectators to YouTube Gaming. However, if you plan totransfer from YouTube to Twitch then you may encounter some barriers.Lastly, it is easy to assume that there won’t bea crossover of the subscriptions.

However, a video or content uploaded onYouTube Gaming can also be found in the search engine of YouTube but it doesn’twork the other way around. So, your content uploaded on YouTube gaming caneasily found in search and recommendations section.

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