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Last updated: April 12, 2019

As Abercrombie& Fitch’s revenue declined, the number of people who still believeJeffries’ view of the consuming world has also declined drastically. Is Abercrombie and fitch a Valuable Brand? When the rankingand evaluation list of the most recent Most Valuable Brands was revealed,Abercrombie & Fitch did not make it. According to Millward Brown, brandconsulting firm, the monetary value of the Abercrombie & Fitch brand wasnot enough to place them a place on the yearly Top 100 list. In the last eightyears, Abercrombie & Fitch do not feature at all.

For years Abercrombie& Fitch has been determined to be less valuable than KFC, IKEA, H&M,Starbucks, and McDonald’s (Farfan, 2017).Customer Satisfaction: In February 2016, the American CustomerSatisfaction Index was released, and Abercrombie & Fitch broke records, receivedthe lowest customer satisfaction ratings in the history of that measurementsystem, it’s not definitively clear how much of Abercrombie & Fitch’scurrent negative relationship with consumers is connected to the negativerelationship can be attributed to the controversial choices and words of MikeJeffries (Shen, 2017).Competitors: With strong competition from fast fashionretailers such as Zara, H, Forever 21 and Topshop, the brand has had a hardtime appealing to customers.

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This has meant that they have been forced to tryto compete with more on trend brands, by emulating and offering morefashionable options, similar to the cheap styles found at its fast fashioncompetitors. However, Abercrombie’s clothes cost more than its fast-fashioncompetitors.   Abercrombie & Fitch in the media: Theyhave also faced a sequence of mistakes in the media, such as whenformer CEO Mike Jeffries claimed his brand was for the “attractiveall-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends.” Later, theretailer faced repercussions for refusing to hire a Muslim woman becauseshe wore a hijab (Kasperkevic, 2015). Sizing: Abercrombie and fitch’s sizing onlyranges from XS to XL.

If they wish to entice more customers, they must cater toas many potential buyers as possible.  Today,the average female wears a size 14. In theUnited States alone plus-size clothing is now a £12.9billion market (Abnett, 2015) and £5.08 billion in the UK (Hendriksz, 2017),but it remains one of the most underserved segments of the fashionindustry. Stores usually only have a small plus-size section, often hiddenat the back. If Abercrombie & Fitch made plus sizes a prominent part oftheir collections, their popularity will more likely increase.

    RECOMMENDATIONS Following itsrebranding, Abercrombie & Fitch has completely changed its brand identityand values, because the brand was not acclimatised to its ever-changingconsumers over time. But Abercrombie & Fitch’s brand image and perceptionswill take time draw level. Abercrombie & Fitch must listen to its consumersand to progress its brand identity over time.Abercrombie& Fitch’s rebranding can be described as ‘vanilla’ as it isn’t exciting anyconsumers. The brand is target market is now too broad, and has a weak brandidentity and little brand differentiation. As a result, Abercrombie &Fitch does not stand out from a crowded marketplace and so consumers are notinterested. As a consequence, the brand’s sales declined even furtherthroughout 2016.

 For Abercrombie& Fitch to rebuild their brand, to make it relevant to consumers andstand out from the crowded marketplace, they must:Have a clear understanding of who they are, and arenow trying to target:A mustestablish Who are they, what they need, and/ or aspiration does the brandfulfil. A are trying to steer away from their exclusive group ideology,and trying to compete with more fast fashion brands such as H and Topshop.However, their garments are still high prices, excluding a great deal ofpotential customers they are aiming to target. They must either, stay withtheir exclusive branding and improve upon their branding, or they should investin manufacturing cheaper products for their consumers.

In thepast, A has been known for their expensive and lastingproducts. However, consumers today don’t want to spend a large amount of moneyon one item. Nowadays, consumers would rather pay a high price for severalitems at a time. One way to do this is to lower the price and quality ofproducts. Women’s jeans can cost up £88. If this price were lowered to £50 or£40, A would get more attention. Evolving the brand with the consumer: it is impossibleto change a brand image and associations from one day to the next, as theyevolve slowly in the mind of the consumers.

You should thus take the time toshift your brand identity and values over time. Consumers are forever evolving,and you need to ensure your brand evolves with them. One of the main reasonsAbercrombie & Fitch lost its core consumers, and thus needed to rebrand,was because the brand did not adapt to its ever-changing consumers.To adapt to yourever-changing consumers, you need to follow consumer, market and societaltrends and understand how they affect your consumers, brand and market. Youshould also constantly monitor your consumers, and their needs, challenges,aspirations and behaviours, and evolve your brand identity and values inline with your consumer changes.Consumers arealways looking to be up to date and on trend. A should release newapparel that is more appealing to the modern trend.

Over the last fewyears, symbols of A (such as their moose t-shirts orsweatpants) have lost popularity. To increase sales, new styles should beincluded into a new catalogue. Style such as ruffles, bold graphic tees andoversized jumpers are on trend at the moment. Stand for current values that consumers can get behindand will help the brand to stand out:From yourconsumer definition will follow your brand identity and values; they need toanswer your consumer needs and aspirations, and appeal to your consumers. Amust rebuild their brand for consumers and with their consumers in mind.A significant differencefrom competitors is essential. In order to so, analyse your competitors’ marketpositioning and rebuild your brand identity, position and values to beclear, distinct and different.

If you are not different from your competitorsand you do not have a distinct brand offering, you will not stand out from thecrowded marketplaceAbercrombie and Fitch Co. shouldmanufacture their apparel in all sizes. These sizes should include XXS throughXXL.

The purpose of increasing the size range of clothing is to welcomeconsumers of all shapes and sizes. If people see that A&F are interested incatering for multiple sizes, more people will buy. The more sizes, the moreconsumers. A&F should consider advertising their brand on T.V. and on the internet.Commonly used websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram would be theperfect sources of advertisements. Another way to advertise would bein catalogues or on billboards on the highway.

Advertising would help thecompany because the more people see A&F’s new attire, the more will beinterested in buying their products. In the past, Abercrombie has usedextremely skinny and photoshopped models for their advertisements. Tobetter their reputation, A should also use non-photoshopped men andwomen who have average body sizes in those ads. This will promote a better self-image. It may help if A should create a memorable slogan to attract consumers.Slogans can provide a fun and simple attraction to a company.

Some slogans canmake people feel better about themselves which will attract them into buying acompany’s products. Something short and catchy such as “TreatYourself” could work as A&F products would then be seen as an indulgentluxury, with the word ‘treat’ gives connotations of good quality, therefore encouragingcustomers to buy A&F productsCONCLUSIONWhileAbercrombie & Fitch reviving their former golden days, it will not be easy,or even unlikely for them to achieve the success that the brand once had,A&F have made some steps in some stores towards making their stores moreenticing for consumers to visit.Predicting buyeractivity is difficult, which is why to revive the business, CEO Fran Horowitzis changing the A&F’s focus from brand image to customer engagement.

Throughout 2017 and 2017, A gained consumer feedback through speaking toone and a half million consumers on what they are looking for in their shoppingexperience. This feedback was then mirrored in its first new concept store in15 years in Columbus. The front of the store features a runway of mannequinssporting 20 looks to inspire and guide potential customers on how to create outfits(Thau, 2017). They have installed tech-enabled fitting rooms, in whichconsumers can adjust the lighting to see how an item would look at the beach ora darker setting, such as the club or a bar. Customers also have access to phonerecharging stations. As a result, Abercrombie’s international markets saw animprovement in the way consumers responded to the brand’s seasonal range, whichwas helped by the change in how the retailer engaged with its customers in thebrick and mortar stores (Young, 2017).

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