Asian possible level of reliability and safety. The

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Asian Paints commissioned its production house in Kasna in1992-93. The plant was set up to fulfil the requirements of Northern part ofIndia. Hitherto, the company used manual labours to transfer the finished goodsfrom the Production cells to the storage area.

Asian Paints, wanted to increasethe throughput to match the company’s decided annual production quota.Introduction of automation through installation of Conveyor belts was one ofthe solutions APL had but the cost of the installation was to give up the freeaisle space. Moreover, the installation of conveyors restrained the firm tostringent spacing, and compromising the flexibility in terms of newinstallations. Asian Paints realised the limitation in implementing theconveyor based system, even a single point of failure in the material movementwas capable to stop the entire production process.

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The Hi-tech Robotic Systemz saw an opportunity to improve the thenexisting facility and proposed the use of the Industry 4.0 based technology ofthe Autonomous Mobile Robots. TheRobots combines advanced engineering with innovative automation, includingprecision navigation technology and safety components. This ensures the highestpossible level of reliability and safety. The adaptive artificial brain basedtechnology of Autonomous robot encompasses the LIDAR method for its navigation,thus eliminating the problem in making changes to the existing plant area.”The use of fancy bots to movematerial from a place to other in plant while corroborating with the humansworking alongside seemed a feasible solution only to handful of industries.

Now, Looking at the machine, carry the pallets to the bay arena in our plantproves the flexibility these machines poses to solve material handlingproblems” says Varun, Manager-Production Asian Paints., Kasna.The Hi-Tech Robotics successfullydelivered 11 AMIR to the Kasna Plant in June, 2016. The Mobile robots arefine-tuned with Roller bed mounting on the top to co-ordinate with thePalletising robots of APL.  Till now, theMobile robots have been able to diverge the XXX km walk of APL’s employeestowards much productive side.           

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