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Last updated: March 24, 2019

Asks every nation to sign and ratify the World Heritage Convention, which was discussed in the General Assembly, and also cooperate with UNESCO and other NGOs such as International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), The Heritage Management Organization (HERITAGE) with the financial help from International Monetary Fund, the World Heritage Fund and the World Bank, in order to;come up with a national plan to implement the Convention in the country efficiently or go over the national plan that already has been created to make it more efficient and applicable,find further programs and activities that can be done nationally in order to reach out most of the people in the country and give them necessary information about world heritage sites especially the ones in their country so that they can learn about the history of their country and cultures,get any further information needed about the programs done by those NGOs so that the country can participate in international programs as soon as possible;Recommends every member states Ministry of Environment, Education and Culture to work in collaboration in order to come up with the most efficient national plan to integrate the cultural and natural world heritage into education life so that students and teachers can understand the importance of protecting these cites by; adding information about the cultural and natural world heritage to the curriculum by teaching these places in lessons such as History and Geography,training educators and teachers through workshops and seminars annually in the places which will be chosen by the Ministry of Education but will be held inside the country where the most teachers from different schools can participate in order to learn more about the world heritage and techniques to teach these cites to the students from professional trainers assigned by the Ministry of Education,creating a network forum amongst the public to negotiate ways to protect natural and cultural world heritage and encourage all citizens to participate in this forum via such as but not limited to advertisements, public service announcements (psa’s) where people from all around the country can join and write their comments on the webpage;  Requests every school administration  to raise awareness to cultural and natural world heritage in the school and to educate students more effectively so that students can learn about the world and their own history and become more dedicated to protect these cites by; assigning performances and projects about cites both from their countries or from abroad so that students can search and learn more about these places,doing assemblies about the these heritage with the help from school’s History and Geography department or from other professional educators in order to;inform students about new cultural and natural heritageinstil the importance of world heritage,let them know that they will be responsible for taking care of these cites since they are the next generation, teach them how they can protect these cites,visiting these sites and museums as a school if it is possible;opening new clubs and workshops in the school about world heritage so that students can come together to negotiate about the topic and come up with new solutions themselves and also attend international forums and debates with these club if it is possible, also if they find any beneficial solution or a program they can present it to the Ministry of Education department;Strongly encourages  all member and observer states to participate in the annual sessions of the World Heritage Committee that is organized by The World Heritage Centre which forms part of the The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Culture Sector, in order to:discuss about new solutions to protect the cultural and natural world heritage all around the world including the the sites that are in danger, remain actively seized on the matter in order to prevent any further harm on our cultural and natural world heritage by keeping track of the every program and activity that has been started under this committee,come up with new program ideas that can be done both internationally and nationally to raise awareness amongst the public and increase the knowledge about the topic,negotiate about the programs and activities that have been in motion such as The World Heritage Programme which is about rising the voices of young people all around the world in order to find ideas to make these already existing programs more effective,discuss about the new sites that should be included to UNESCO’s World Heritage list;Suggests the member states to raise fund and also separate a budget to use it for the protection and awareness of the countries’ heritage sites, for to help charitable foundations that has been established in the country that are working for the same manner and also for sending money to the World Heritage Fund in order to help them collect the money they need so that they can start the new international programmes or help other countries to protect their heritage by;creating a phone message line that people can sent messages to that number and donate money,accepting donations from private sector companies,organizing fundraising activities such as fundraising nights so that benefactors can donate money,creating a funding part in the national website which will be created by the; Asks UNICEF to create an international day called ‘The Heritage Day’ which can be selected in the  World Heritage Committee that is organized by The World Heritage Centre so that people all around the world can celebrate their own cultural and natural world heritage that will unite them under this country’s heritage day by;forming small public fairs by opening bazaars and selling food, clothes and any other things including the designer clothes and accessories made for the countries sites, giving concerts and dance performances in order to help the environment charities and World Heritage center  by donation the money and also raise awareness on the topic,making discounts for the entrance of museums and sites,Sending photos, drawing and videos about their cities and sending it them to World Heritage Center and the winner will be awarded by UNESCO and by the country’s Ministry of Culture;Asks every government to create a sub department under the country’s’ Ministry of Culture and Tourism which will be called ”National Heritage Department” and it will be responsible of protecting sites in the country and it will raise awareness to this topic amongst the public and to inform them about the cultural and natural world heritage and ongoing activities and programs done by charities and The World Heritage Centre so that the public have comprehensive knowledge about the topic and more encouraged visit and protect the heritage sites by;creating workshops and youth forums, showing commercials and short animation films about world heritage such as “Patrimonito’s World Heritage Adventures” on the TV,posting posters on the billboards and handing out brochures about world heritage in crowded places,opening stands in festivals and activities,creating art and video competitions about world heritage amongst the youth in the country and giving prizes to the winners and if it is possible these artworks will be presented at art centers,creating a national website for the department and posting information about every cultural natural world heritage in their country and including representation of the minor cultures and country’s ongoing programs regarding heritage sites, opening museums for the country’s’ most important cities and assigning guidance service in national language and English and if possible creating audio book as well, posting informative billboards in front of every national site in English and in the national language so that people can learn more about them when they look at themsending officials which will be chosen by this department to the refugee camps that are inside of the countries border and give them necessary information about the world heritage siteschecking the continuation of the excavation works so that every heritage site can be found.

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