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Last updated: April 13, 2019

Promotion is the part of the marketing mix where it decides how a product should be marketed or sold. Promotion tells potential customers that the products exist and what it can do and then persuade them to buy it.Advertising campaign is a planned programme of advertising to promote an organisation. This type of advertising will usually will be used for products or services.

This type of advertising can boost sells for levis the advantage of this are that because this advertising would be placed on TV then loads of people watch TV and that’s what Levis want to let the audience know that a new product is out in the market also if you advertise on TV you can set your target market in different time, so if Levis target market are men then they can advertise on TV night time when men will come back from work.However this type of advertising has some disadvantages one disadvantage will be that the advertise might be short and then it don’t give the viewer enough information and the other disadvantage would be that the advertisement might be too long and then the audience will get bored of it. One big problem might be that loads of people might watch TV but when it comes to adverts sometimes they might change the channel, also advertising on TV will be really expensive.Any special event or other method used by a firm to boost it sales in the short term is a sale promotion. Not all sale promotions are aimed at the public some are aimed at wholesalers or retailers. To get the best effect, a sales promotion only lasts for a limited time. Types of sales promotion are special offers, free gifts or loyalty card.

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The advantage of this type of advertising is that it encourages people because there is an special offer they go and buy the product this boost the sale and also after a while it can increase market share and profits this type of advertising its cheap and easy to do.The disadvantage of this type of advertising is that some people don’t care about their junk mail and they don’t read it and they bin their junk mail sometimes. One big disadvantage is that this type of advertising can damage the image of the business because leaflet is cheap and low class so people think that the product is cheap and has a low quality.Direct market is where goods and services are marketed directly to consumers. It includes personally address mail-shots, catalogues and other publicity.

Levis can use direct market throughout internet. Internet will be good because it is cheap and most people around world use internet so this make the product more recognisable.The disadvantage of advertising on internet will be not all people have access to the internet. Another disadvantage of promotion via the Internet is that the customers and businesspersons are isolated. There is little personal contact between customer and salesperson prior to and after the sales is closed.

Thus, the prospect for repeat sales may thus be diminished. Entrepreneurs are therefore compelled to adopt marketing strategies to drive online users back to their site.Sponsor ship is where firms are often keen to have their name linked to big events, to sports club and individuals who are successful and famous.The advantage of this type of advertising is that Levis can promote their names through this type of advertising they can let someone famous like David Beckham to wear their jeans this encourages people to buy the product.The disadvantage of this type of advertising is that during the time a sponsor is under contract with a sport, the image of the sport may suffer and thus damage the image of the sponsor and also it is important to the sponsor to be associated with a team or individual that is successful. Sponsors associated with teams who are failures will not get the right kind of publicity. (E.

g. if team is relegated from the Premiership this is not the right kind of publicity, but if a team is champion this is a different matter).Public relation is all about the image of the business Levis must try to make the image good. They have to ensure that all publicity about them is good.In conclusion I think Levis should use advertising campaign on TV because advertising might be expensive but it’s the best way for Levis to keep a good image and also to inform their target market about the product.Levis can look at their number of sales since they began the advertising they can check if the advertising was successful they also can look at their product life cycle.

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