Assessments Data such as number of attempts, time

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Last updated: September 15, 2019

Assessments are an important part of training, they help determine whether the training goals were met and also track the learner’s progress. So does successfully completing an online training course and its online assessment can guarantee our success? Does having a high score in assessments mean that we have gained a thorough understanding of that subject? How can one judge the effectiveness of an elearning training program?Learning analytics here can help answer all these questions.

learning analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environment in which it occurs. By tracking the learner’s online activity in a LMS and further applying the analytics to it can help improve the learning potential of the user. Such analytics can not only benefit the learner but can also increases the efficiency of an online course in LMS.Online assessment can be broadly divided into two categoriesFormative :- Formative assessment are used to monitor the learner’s performance after each learning point that is after every unit or topic. These assessment track user’s progress and helps in feedback. Formative assessment’s main purpose is to identify the areas of improvement for the learner.

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Summative :- Summative assessment are included at the end of the eLearning course. These are designed such to examine the skillfulness of the learner. After this assessment  grades or marks are assigned to the learner. Summative assessments main purpose is to evaluate the learners level of understanding at the end of the course.Learning Analytics in formative assessmentSince formative assessment focuses more on learner’s improvement, they are allowed extra attempts for every incorrect question. Data such as number of attempts, time taken to answer every question, most popular response etc regarding each question is captured for analysis. later a personalized feedback report is generated identifying their weak points. Such assessments can reveal a lot about the learner.

Mining the learner’s data can disclose distinct learning and performance patterns. Not only this helps the learner but also helps identifying the quality of the course content. For instance if many users are performing poorly then it’s time to evaluate the content or to check if the assessment matches the content covered in that particular unit.Learning Analytics in summative assessmentBased on the previously captured data from users past assessments, predictive analytics can be implemented. Predicting the learner’s performance even before they attempt the summative or final assessment will help developing  an adaptive assessment test that surpasses the general standard patterns. Adaptive assessment offer high level of accuracy in assessing learners.

Valuable insights from learning analytics can now be used to increase the potential reach of your e-learning course and make your LMS an instant hit. 

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