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At present, large numbers of people complain of being overweight. Everyone is aware of the health risks that come with being overweight but it is challenging for people to give up food that they love.

If they do not act towards losing weight, diseases such as obesity may occur. There are many real-life examples where obesity has been avoided; As an example from my aunt who weighed over a hundred kilos. She found it difficult to complete her daily routines because of her excess weight. After a while, she decided to get help from a dietitian. By doing sports and diet on a short period of 5 months, she lost almost 30 kilos, and now my aunt continues to live healthily.  As a healthy life comes from a balanced diet that contains carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in right amounts.

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                Carbohydrates are the primary energy source in the cell works as a fuel of the body to meet needs of brain functions, organ operations and muscle system (, n.d). In the article from San Francisco Chronicle said that “Carbohydrates are often maligned for contributing to weight gain, but they are needed for your body to function well and should be part of every person’s diet.” Digestive system use carbohydrates as a first source to store it and convert to energy when the body needs.

Chemical structures of carbohydrates are more suitable for digestion, and the carbohydrate digestion begins as soon as the body is taken. Theoretically, when a carbohydrate molecule passes through the stomach, it is ready to blend into the blood, for this reason, carbohydrates can be stored in the body, but when the body is taking more carbohydrate than usual, overrated carbohydrates are converted to fat. Moreover, it keeps the water rate in our bodies in balance while provides the establishment of a stable acid-base balance. If the amount of carbohydrate in the body is low, this equilibrium is lost.

 Easy digestion of carbohydrates is an essential reason for dietitians to recommend it consume of carbohydrates during daylight hours it will be healthier for the human body. Carbohydrates have useful roles on diet list. If a person who is on a diet would not eat the food containing carbohydrates, this person’s diet will be affected negatively. Some carbohydrates such as whole meal bread and oatmeal are necessary for the healthy diet than unhealthy carbohydrates like fast food. For these reasons, people should act wisely when eating carbohydrates.  Secondly, proteins provide the necessary hormones for the enzymes to work, metabolism and digestion. The USDA emphasizes “Choosing lean poultry and meat and consuming a variety of protein foods to enhance the overall nutritional quality of your diet (American Heart Association,2017).” Proteins are backing the growth and supply the body materials for a healthy body with amino acids is that constituent of proteins (Healthyeating., n.d.

). Additionally, amino acid chains affect enzymes to find the correct protein structure. The work of enzymes is important to many things such as: break down sustenance to absorption, the evacuation of waste-products and in case of infection in the body, to fight the disease and gain immunity(Eat Balanced, n.d.). Also, one of the most important reasons for the consumption of protein-containing foods in diets is the protection and repair of muscle tissue in torn or damaged conditions.

Besides, Proteins are contained in many nutrients. For instance, creature sources of protein tend to provide all the amino acids we need(The Nutrition Source, 2016). Other protein sources, such as natural products, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds, require one or more basic amino acids. On the other hand, the result of the low consumption of protein, many things can come to the forefront.

 Insomnia, difficulty in weight loss and constipation are examples of what are known as important problems. Thus, the amount of protein that every person needs to feed can change, be considering age, weight and gender; everyday regular and adequate protein foods should be consuming.               Lastly, to keep fat intake at a healthy level, foods containing unsaturated fat, not saturated and trans fat, should be consumed (, 2018).

 In the article from Medline Plus said that “Fats are the important part of your diet, but some types are healthier than others. Choosing healthy fats from vegetable sources more often than less healthy types of animal products can help lower your risk of heart attack, stroke, and other major health problems(explained, 2016).” Foods such as olives, nuts (nuts, peanuts, walnuts) and avocados contain monounsaturated fats. Fat, which is directly related to health, has a lot of benefits when consumed in a measured amount. Its content in the body does not increase depending on the consumption of fat only, and any nutrients that are consumed excessively are stored as fat in the body. For this reason, with the intention of completely cut the fat while dieting or just eating healthy, does not prevent the formation of fat in the body.

 Furthermore, fat stored under the skin is also effective in protecting the organs from external factors and protecting the body heat in cold weather, and illness is inevitable if there is no fat tissue. A certain amount of fat consumption is also significant in terms of diet and nutrition. Because the fats stay longer than the other foods in the stomach and the longer the feeling of satiety provides more sustained. For this reason, a fat-free diet is unthinkable.               As a conclusion, good nutrition helps to have a healthy life as well as healthy body.

The Essential point of the healthy diet is containing measured amount from every food type because the human body needs all nutrition like, carbohydrates as a primary energy source to continue body functions, proteins for cell replication and fats for insulation. That is why people should care about their bodies as their most precious thing without abusing it with an unhealthy diet. Healthy life and balanced diet not only for people’s body it should be included souls too. Because healthy body and healthy soul can lead someone to live ecstatic life. 

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