At the barbie, have tea party and dress

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At the start of an early age boys and girls have a certain role to fulfil. The girls will play together with the barbie, have tea party and dress up like princess and the boy will play tag, wrestle and play with car toys. Setting this up at a early age links them to think and behave a certain way that is “normal” in society.  In the article “Gender Wars: A Peace Plan” by Mark B. White and Kirsten J. Tyson-Rawson, it talks about the issue of gender inequality in different areas of our society. The article mentions the inequality that still persists in all areas such as, participation in decision making and the exercise of power, in private and social life, in promotion and in professional careers.

The author blames early stages of childhood and the gender roles society has put on the parents and the children to act a certain way resulting in gender inequality. Many will feel pressured to act, look and think a certain way. When they want to act the non traditional way many fear the consequences they will face. This reflects heavily as they get older eventually leading to their jobs.

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We see more men in the engineering police, firefighter, doctor or mechanical field where women go into nursing, interior decoration or fashion. Throughout this article, the authors talks about gender based roles and gives an example of a couple Alex and Susan where they fight through gender issues on a daily basis. “Gender is one of the first things each of us learns about ourself as a young child, and the gender roles that we learn in our families continue to develop as we grow” (Gender Wars: A Peace Plan). Before we are even born we are put in two different roles. The article gives an example of how a child we automatically assumes as “he” or “she” and the boys will get everything blue while the girls get everything in pink.

This limits people to act their true self, not wanting to get judged and get frown upon.This article goes into depth about the influence gender norms and society has made to the way we think and react to certain things. The most surprising thing I have learned after reading this article is that how by the time we are adult the way our parents, schooling, media and society has brought us up has already shaped most of our thoughts, emotions and belief systems.

To me this article speaks volume on the problems we are dealing with in the society today. We should not be afraid to speak our mind, look and behave a certain way with the feeling of being judged. I believe that the way one is brought up greatly affects the way they later behave.

Children act and learn from the adults and the situations they go through. If we are all treated equally no matter the race or gender than that sets up a great example for the future.  I choose the topic Gender Norms, because of my personal experience, where I have noticed the way my brother and I were brought up was different. I am from Nepal, a country where women and men are treated very differently. They don’t have many rights and often after graduating high school they are to get married and bare children. Although I moved here at the age of six, my parents were still raised, brought up and lived in Nepal all their life. They have different sets of ideas and values that they have learned to adapt over the years.

Growing up my brother would be able to go anywhere he wanted and come back at any time. I however, was given a certain time to go and come back by and also I was not allowed to go anywhere alone. While reading the article “Gender Wars: A Peace Plan” I’ve come to learn about gender organizes our behavior, our beliefs, and our relationships, including our expectations of how our partner should behave. What I have learned through this article is that awareness is key. Becoming more educated to the world is one way one might make a change and fight these gender issues.

Today, women have more rights than ever before, but the belief of male has resulted in a never ending convention toward women.  People are still dealing with the pressure society puts us on and how unknowingly we follow certain unspoken law and rules.

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