Attitudes to Elvis Presley were beginning to change by 1958. Why was this happening

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In 1958 everything changed for Elvis mainly due to the fact that he joined the army. Elvis joining the army came as a shock to everyone all of his fans as magazines quoted “Life would never be the same for Elvis.

“Source G is an article in a magazine staying that America is the only place in the world where dreams can truly become reality. For example “Where else could a nobody like Presley become a somebody so quickly” is a quote they use to portray this. This source is basically saying that people living in America are the only people in the world who have a chance of discovering their talent.

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Another quote used is “This is US democracy at its best” which is backing up that the US is the best country in the world at that time.Elvis had a completely new appearance and personality in 1958 after joining the army and changing his personality. This made people change their opinions on him. Proof of this is in this quote” He is a draftee, doing national service which he could have bought is way out of.” This is basically saying that all celebrities would have paid to get out of joining the army to carry on their successful career but Elvis put his career in jeopardy for his country.

Elvis also had to cut his hair when in the army. His hair was one of his pride possessions. Elvis also asked to be treated like every other normal soldier, this made people think that Elvis isn’t a bad role model and actually that he’s a good role model.Source G is very different compared to source B and C which are from 1956.

This shows that in 1956 people saw Elvis as a bad role model and in 1957 as a good role model due to numerous factors. The sources are different as source B is three different magazines that state how awful Elvis is and how he can’t sing or dance and source C is saying that since Elvis starred in a T.V. programme called the Milton Berle show. However source C is not complementing Elvis it is just stating a fact and source B is just all opinion, therefore source G is beginning to like Elvis and appreciate what he is doing, but America is trying to take all the credit from Elvis saying that if it wasn’t for them Elvis would have never made it to fame and fortune.After Elvis had joined the army to fight in the war attitudes were beginning to change towards him, this was mainly because he was gaining respect from all age ranges as parents like the idea of him helping in the war as it’s a good role model for younger generations. This was the first time Elvis had gained respect from older generations which he never used to have, due to the fact that originally they were always trying to stop their children from seeing Elvis and now that Elvis has joined the army and cut his hair Elvis was turning into a respectable soldier that parents would possibly like their children to be his role model. The fact that Elvis had his hair cut was a big sign that he was changing this was because his long, thick, dark combed hair covered in gel was his trademark and made him appear to be a rebel and now he has had it cut he looks just like any other regular American boy.

As well as Elvis changing his appearance in the army, many people thought he would buy himself out of the army as he would not be able to handle it or ask for exceptions but he did not and he served in the army for 2 years during the years of 1958 and 1960. Colonel Tom Parker, who was Elvis’s manager, was a huge influence on Elvis. It was Tom Parker’s idea for Elvis to join the army to try and be accepted by older generations other than just teenagers.Another important issue that affected people’s attitudes towards Elvis was the fact that his mum died on the 14th August 1958. Elvis was granted emergency leave fro the army and was able to fly home to Memphis to see his mum, but sadly she died a few days later.

Elvis grieved for days over his mum. This made him look like a mummy’s boy which older generations also like and gained him more respect.Elvis returned home from his service in the army in 1960. Elvis was welcomed back by many old fans (younger generations) and many new fans (older generations) and Elvis was even more popular than before he left.

He grew his hair slightly longer than it was in the army but didn’t go back to the full length before he left and he was finally getting closer to becoming an everyday American citizen.All these factors put together suggest that Elvis had changed his old rebel way in 1956 and changed to his new appearance of a mature adult who cares about his family and his country. All this gained Elvis new fans and attitudes began to change their idea on him. I feel that the major factor which helped Elvis change peoples attitudes on him was due to the fact that he joined the army.

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