Aubrey solar panels. Even if you doesn’t have

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Palisoc, Ph.D.MASED-IS                                                                                                         IS723Physical Science for Teachers                                                               Question 1: What is the bestenergy source for the country? Energy is very important in our life,without it we will not be able to accomplish different activities. In thePhilippines, solar energy is one of the best source that we can use. It occursnaturally in the environment that’s why we can help the environment from nothaving harmful effects.

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The energy that come from the sun gives us consistentand fixed source of solar power. As long as we are alive and the sun is still there,solar energy will always be here to provide us with the energy. The location of the Philippines is also anadvantage in receiving enough sunlight from the sun as it lies near theequator. During summer, solar panels are more efficient as the country receivesenough sunlight. Solar energy is ecofriendly because after the installation ofsolar panels, it does not release greenhouse gases that will add up to theclimate change that we are experiencing right now. Unlike other sources ofenergy, you cannot hear any sound or noise that will come from solar panels.

Even if you doesn’t have a bigger space for the installation of solar panels,you can place it on rooftops to generate electricity in your homes. When theinstillation is done, people may now enjoy the benefits of solar energy.Nowadays we are consuming higher electricity that causes for us to pay more butwith the use of solar panels, people in the Philippines may now have a bigsavings when it comes to their utility expenditures since they are using thesun to generate electricity. The country can also provide remote areas withsolar panels that will allow them to have an access to electricity. During daytime, solar energy uses batteries to store extra power that can be used atnight. Human beings get benefits from solar energy as well as the environment.  Even though there are some disadvantages ofusing solar energy, there are still bigger percentage of the advantages that wecan get in using it.

According to Solar Panels Philippines, in2016 the Calatagan Solar Farm has been starting to create power from thesunlight. In Western Batangas, farmers are generating electricity instead ofgrowing crops. In 2014, SM North became the largest solar power mall that hasenough power to energized 1K households. The use of solar energy became moreefficient as people use the converted energy from the sun to do differentactivities in their homes and work. Solar energy has the potential to save upto 20% of the total energy that was consumed. It is true that the installationof solar panels costs a lot but once it’s already working, the country willenjoy the benefits for many years.

Itis said that Solar Philippines will soon begin the construction of its nextprojects in Mindanao and Luzon that would generate a total of 500 MW. By thistime, the Philippines can become more productive when it comes with the use ofnatural resources.

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