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 Augmented reality to teach Object OrientedProgramming Concepts. Abstract Object oriented programming is vital concept in moderncomputer programming. There for it is essential to have a thorough knowledgeand understanding in OOP concepts: Inheritance, Polymorphism Abstraction andEncapsulation.

Augmented reality is relatively new concept that can be used to teachOOP concepts in more practical manner rather than traditional theoretical andpractical lectures. Inheritance describes parent class’s attributes, methods,variables can be used in child classes without re-declaration. Understandingthis relationship between parent classes and child classes, interactionsbetween them and understand other OOP concepts found to be difficult with classroom lessons and practical sessions though those are not difficult. Speciallydesigned mobile devices based on Augmented Reality can be used to describe OOPconcepts while deliver lectures. Augmented reality and virtual reality areclose concepts but actually they are not same. In virtual reality everythingconsidered are in virtual environment but in augmented reality its mixture ofvirtual reality and real world.

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Aim of this research is to point out howaugmented reality can be used to teach OOP concepts and suggestions for furtherdevelopments of augmented reality to make teaching and learning OOP conceptsmore optimal. Introduction  As we experience today, information and communication technology hasmade a big impact in our lives and society in general. In the last two decadeswe have seen huge changes in the each sector, i.e. Communication, education,transportation, health sciences, due to revolutionary advancement ofInformation technology. Information technology has brought the world togetherso that we can share information quickly, efficiently.

The world has become oneglobal village. People do not hesitate to apply the knowledge of informationtechnology where applicable. By applying information technology to whereapplicable, a greater extent of comfort, easiness has been found in humanlives. Augmented reality is new concept compared to other areas which found tobe a very important in many fields. Virtual reality and augmented reality aretwo similar concepts but they are not really same. In virtual reality thingsconsidered are all virtual made with some graphic software and all in imaginaryform. But in Augment reality is is mixture of real world and imaginary world.There is overlapping part and independent part as well in augmented reality.

Augmented reality means how the 3D virtual objects are integratedto 3D real objects in real world environment. So AR allows seeing real world tothe user using virtual objects.          Simple examples for applied AR are as follows. Imaginean occasion where a lecture is delivered on the topic “Object orientedprogramming”. When explain the concepts of inheritance, traditionally codesimilar to following is used to explain relationship between parent classes andchild classes.               But we can use specially designed mobile device andhence the concept can be convinced in optimal manner.                 Separate window developed using augmented realitythat can be used to explain the concept using graphics in optimal manner.

      Material ‘s consider the calculation orarea of circle. At the beginning it might be difficult to understand. We canuse AR to teach the concept in more optimal manner. Rather than directly teaching Area =   , Use of AR methods will be easy to understand. Teacher can reveal equation with animation with the aid of suitable devices.

                                                                                                                           Similarly augmented reality can be used to teach OOP concepts. Asdescribe in above inheritance can be taught using AR based mobile devices.Similarly the concept encapsulation can be taught as follows. Encapsulation in java is a process of wrapping code and data togetherinto a single unit. (Data Hiding)                                                               Capsulescontain many drugs inside. Things in side are hidden. When teach encapsulation,if specially designed apps, devices used with augmented reality, code segmentsand real world entities (such as drug capsule) can be compared and henceteaching can be done in optimal, less confusing manner.

More importantlyconcept students can understand the concept at first glance.          Results and discussionAccording to this research it isfound that how augmented reality can be used to teach OOP concepts. It is verypractical and more student centered way of teach in state of art class room. Itis still growing field. Lack of researches done, lack of awareness, need ofspecially designed devices and software can be identified as constraints to useof augmented reality in education field.

Conclusions Augmented reality is new concept, but can use generateoptimal results. In education field it can be used in very effective manner asit can be used to convince some concepts more practical way to students. Use ofAR will make revolutionary changes in traditional teacher centered teachingprocess in future. It is emphasized that more research should be carried out tofind ways how AR can be used to teach various subject filed not only to teachOOP concepts. Also, constraints generated by hardware and software such as lackof suitable mobile devices, software and “Apps”should be addressed.  

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