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 The image on the front page of the Boston Globe on June 16,2016 in the wake of the largest mass shooting in United States history is theimage of an AR-15. The big bold headline: ‘MAKE IT STOP.’1 The image of thisweapon, which is identical in physical appearance to the one seen used by U.S. troops in war zones has become an impactful and powerful symbol for anti-gunlegislators who perpetuate the

Abigail anxious.Many mothers who give birth to ‘accidental

Abigail GrangerMrs FinmacDiscursive essay12 January 2018                                                           AbortionLIfe can be really hard on us , in some cases , an abortion is the only option available. It is only fair for  the mother whether she will get an abortion or not  as she is the one who would have to carry a child for nine months , and to have to go through the pain of childbirth. Having a child can

60 poetry terms and 35 poems

Free Verse Poetry that does not have a regular meter or rhyme scheme Metrical Verse poetry with a regular meter Tetrameter a verse line having four metrical feet Pentameter a verse line having five metrical feet Hexameter a verse line having six metrical feet Stressed a stressed foot Unstressed an unstressed foot Iamb a metrical unit with unstressed-stressed syllables Anapest a metrical unit with unstressed-unstressed-stressed syllables Trochee a metrical unit

Poetry: terms meter-J

meter a meter is the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables established in a line of poetry. The stressed (‘) syllable is also called the accented syllable. The unstressed (?u) syllable is also called the unaccented syllable. In determining the meter, the importance of the word, the position in the metrical pattern, and other linguistic factors should be considered. In identifying the meter of a line or verse, the type

Grade 7 – Elements of Poetry

meter rhythmical pattern of a poemdetermined by the number of stresses or beats in each lineto describe the meter of a poem, read it emphasizing the beats in each line; then mark the stressed and unstressed syllables:slanted line (/) marks each strong stresshorseshoe symbol (u) marks each unstressed syllableweak and strong stresses are then divided by vertical lines (|) into groups called feet. iamb A common meter in poetry consisting

Prose vs. Poetry

Facts about Prose: Last word of the line does not matter The writing keeps wrapping around Movement or words/meaning left to right Generally meant to read silent Poetry: Last word of the line is vitally crucial Each line exists as a separate; meaningful unit of though Pauses are important because they call attention to words and thoughts Movement of words/ meaning moves down page Meant to be read aloud

Chapter 14

In the medieval period in india, the term sati meant the wife threw herself on her mate’s funeral pyre which of the following events in indian history approximate events of the western middle ages in europe the end of gupta dynasty to the mongol invasion of India the devotion of an upper-caste Hindu woman to her husband was dramatically expressed in ___, a custom by which the wife thre herself


Imagism time period 1909-1917 Imagism was responsible for introducing Modernist poetry Imagism tried to capture a moment in words- poems were like pictures 3 tenets of Imagism concrete images, clear expression, everyday language founder and inspiration of Imagism Ezra Pound Imagism encouraged free verse, images rather than philosophical themes, structure not as important Imagist poets Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams, Wallace Stevens, Hilda (H.D. ) Doolittle Main purposes of Imagism

Poetry Terms 7th Grade

Narrative Poem A story told in verse. Narrative poems have all the elements of a short story including characters, conflict, and plot. Concrete Poem A poem in a shape that suggests its subject. The poet arranges the letters, punctuation, and lines to create an image or picture. Lyric Poem A short, highly musical poem. It expresses the observations and feelings of a single speaker. Free Verse Poem Poetry not

White racism is essentially responsible

Source A is taken from a video clip about the story of LBJ, showing how the Civil Rights protests were conducted and dealt with by the authorities. In this clip, it says that the Voting Rights Act came “too little, too late” and that black demands had moved on by 1965. The black people wanted far more than what they had been given. It also claims that justice and “war

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