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Look to the future and beware

Look to the future and beware. How and to what effect have writers depicted the future? Discuss with reference to 2-3 works that you have studied.The future has always been an area of interest for humans. We have tried to devise different ways of predicting it since our ever so curious brains want to know everything that will happen in the forthcoming time. The ironical part about this “prediction” is


In Franz Kafka’s work the Metamorphosis there are ties to the ideal of existentialism. This way of thought is defined as a philosophy that emphasizes the uniqueness and isolation of the individual experience in a hostile or indifferent universe, regards human existence as unexplainable, and stresses freedom of choice and responsibility for the consequences of one’s acts. Thus in plain speak meaning that you eat what you dish out, meanwhile

Making the Cut at Merrill Lynch

Making the cut at Merrill Lynch MD program – Essay The interviewing process for the Merrill Lynch MD training program is multi-faceted, including an initial phone interview for screening purposes, in person interviews with local management, and then finally interviews with senior financial advisors who have been around the block a few times. Be prepared to answer the following questions during the screening round if you want to make the

There are two main Jewish group, reform Jews and Orthodox Jews

There’s groups can sometimes seem to be the opposite because of the way they both believe in the same G-d. Judaism is a relationship between G-d. Abraham was the man believed to have started this and is believed by Jews to be the first Jew. Moses is very important in the Jewish religion because he freed the slaves in Egypt and lead them to the promises land. Moses was also

No I do not agree with the statement ” It is not possible to be a true disciple of Jesus in the modern world”

Discipleship means denying yourself, carrying your cross and following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. A disciple is a person who devotes their life and follows the ways and teachings of Jesus Christ .Discipleship involves making material sacrifices. Obviously there are several differences in our world today and the world of Jesus’ such modern technology nowadays, such as computers, telephones, mobile phones and so on, whereas in Jesus’ day these

Example of coastal flooding

Bangladesh is a very low lying country, (only 1-2 meters in most parts). The contribution of global warming in the last few years has set in motion the rise in sea water levels, the narrow north tip to the Bay of Bengal, tropical storms that whip up wind speeds of up 225 km/h send waves (up to 8 meters tall) crashing into the coast, the shallow sea bed and the

Types and Removal

Some cities still use more old fashioned sewage techniques to clean their water. There are a plethora of pollution types, but one of the most common is wastewater pollution. This directly affects our daily lives due to the fact, that water is an essential part of life. Not only is it for drinking, but it is also vital for sanitation and irrigation.There are four different types of wastewater pollutants; Debris

Kinds of Pollutions

Effects of water pollution 1 . Death of aquatic (water) animals: The main problem caused by water pollution is that it kills life that depends on these water bodies. 2. Disruption of food-chains: Pollution disrupts the natural food chain as well. Pollutants such as lead and cadmium are eaten by tiny animals. Later, these animals are consumed by fish and shellfish, and the food chain continues to be disrupted at

Nuclear Waste Disposal

Another cleanup issue that is important is that the waste is in very large volumes and this makes its transportation very difficult. There are also very large-scale implications of the potential severe human and environmental impacts that nuclear waste can have on our soil. Disposal of nuclear waste also requires a lot of technical expertise and is a very complex process and this adds to the problems. In addition, this

Uniformed Public Services

Central government (or National Government) is the body that runs the country. It meets at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London. Parliament actually consists of three parts: the Queen, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The Queen is the official head of Parliament but doesn’t have any real power. The House of Lords recommends changes to bills from the House of Commons. The House of Commons

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