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The Violence in the South of Thailand has been reported in four provinces that are located at the extreme South Tip of Thailand, bordering the neighbouring country Malaysia. The names of these provinces are Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat and Satun. These are the provinces where the majorities are Muslims and where civil unrest has erupted once again since January 2004, including attacks on civilians and Army Camps. HistoryViolence in Southern of


A. Identification. Identify the law/concept that explains each of the given phenomena. Write only the letter of the correct answer on the space provided. A – Law of Inertia B – Law of Acceleration C – Law of Interaction 1. Recoil off gun when fired 2. Two men find a car harder to push than a tricycle 3. A body moves backward when a motorcycle starts to move forward. Cigarette

Romeo and Juliet: English Coursework

So far we know the whole story because of the prologue at the start of the play. However, due to the tragic nature of the play and its background, the audience would forget this and believe that the play would change. Both of the “star-crossed lovers” haven’t met each other, yet. And their families, the Montagues and Capulets are in an on-going rivalry which makes it almost impossible for Romeo

Environmental Footprint

Percent of emissions from Goods 6 Percent of emissions from Services 39 TABLE B. Household Emissions Household Emissions Results (Answers can be found in bar graphs following completion of calculator) What are your current household emissions? 167591 What are the U. S. Average household emissions? 103750 What was your reduced emissions? 1 57293 Household Emissions Savings (Answers can be found above bar graphs If you took all actions you would

Environmental Changes Affect the Strength of different types

How do environmental Changes Affect the Strength of different types of adhesives? Word Count: 3945 Abstract This essay explores the application and durability of different types of adhesives through the question How do environmental changes affect the strength of an adhesive? The main adhesive molecules that were investigated in this experiment were Polyvinyl Acetate and Polypropylene because they are the main active ingredient and most widely used in glue manufacturing.


We keep our houses clean. We take utmost care of our bedroom, making sure no dust rests on our polished furniture. From walls to carpets, everything in our house is neat and clean and perfectly maintained. Then why do we fail to keep our environment clean; maintenance of which is far more vital as compared to our home? The term pollution means addition of any substance which alters the quality

Relative Humidity

Relative Humidity Lab 1. Yes, our relative humidity was different for the two locations because the temperature in the building was lower than the temperature outside. 2. The psychrometer has a “sock” on the bulb of the thermometer. You get the sock wet and twirl the thermometer around for 30 seconds. If the temperature dropped then you spin it again for 15 seconds. Then you subtract the temperature of the

The advert looks exceptional

Advertising is all around us; it has power over our lives, from what we eat to what we wear. We see it on the television, in magazines and on newspapers. On the internet and on billboards. It even comes through the post. Everyday the advertising companies are competing against each other, brutally fighting for merely seconds of our time. Why we ask? They want us to buy their product. In

The effect of primacy and recency on recall

Explanation of results: The directional hypothesis in this experiment stated that products from adverts at the beginning and end of the block would be correctly recalled significantly more than adverts in the middle of the block. The graph in the results section suggests that this hypothesis is correct as condition A (primacy/ recency: positions 1-4 and 13-16) clearly shows higher central tendencies (mode – 7, median – 7 and mean

Cry of the Children

The idea of the country as a whole taking advantage of these people is clearly portrayed in both poems. In the song of the Shirt, the woman says that every time her clothes get worn out, you are not only wearing the shirt out but her herself. In the Cry of the Children, Elizabeth Barrett Browning asks her readers why they continue to “Stifle down with a mailed heel its

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