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Battle gave the French Canadians finish religious opportunity

Battle of the Plains of Abraham:The Battle of the Plains of Abraham (13 September 1759) was an essential minute in the Seven Year’ War and history. A British attack force drove by General James Wolfe vanquished French troops under the Marquis de Montcalm, prompting the surrender of Québec to the British.The Battle of the Plains of Abraham (13 September 1759) was a vital minute in the Seven Years’ War and

Poetic Devices/Poetry terms

cacophony: DEFINITION D: jarring, harsh, “bad” -sounding words; words that hurt the ear and/or send a hurtful/harsh message consonance: DEFINITION D: repetition of CONSONANT sounds within words or phrases with dissimilar adjacent vowel sounds cacophony: EXAMPLE E: Beware the Jabberwocky my son, the jaws that bite, the claws that catch. consonance: EXAMPLE E: The baCK-paCK of iCKy baTs and other fliTTing criTTers assonance: DEFINITION D: repetition of vowel sounds within

Poetry toolbox terms

Denotation the literal or dictionary meaning of a word; more technical connotation suggestions or underlying implications a word may posses; stimulating an emotion Visual imagery appeals to your sense of sight Aural imagery appeals to your sense of hearing Olfactory imagery appeals to your sense of smell tactile imagery appeals to your sense of touch gustatory imagery appeals to your sense of taste etymology study of the origin of words

AP Poetry Terms 7-Structure: Closed Form and Open Form

sonnet a fourteenline poem usually written in iambic pentameter closed a poem that is strictly constrained by its own structure fixed form referring to the structure of a poem’s lines and groupings Shakespearean sonnet consists of three quatrains with the rhyme pattern “abab,” cdcd,” “efef” followed by a couplet with the pattern “gg” English sonnet consists of three quatrains with the rhyme pattern “abab,” cdcd,” “efef” followed by a couplet

Types of Poems

narrative tell stories; ex) “Paul Revere’s Ride” ballad song or songlike poem that tells a story. The story is often about love, betrayal, or death. They usually have a regular, steady rhythm, a simple rhyme pattern, and a refrain, all of which make them easy to memorize. ex) “The Dying Cowboy” epic long narrative poems, originally passed down by word of mouth, that tell about heroes who embody the values

Can we know something that has not yet been proven true

Before analysing this title we must understand what it is to know what is meant by the term ‘to prove true’. A proof is something we take to be true, something that justifies our beliefs; it is not the same as to reach 100% certainty, but to reach such a level that allows us to draw the conclusion that an argument is true. And knowledge is the established understanding of

The purpose of Nazi policy to young people – How successful was this policy

The Nazis wanted to create a true “national community”, a “Master Race” not polluted with what they called inferior races such as Jews, gypsies and so on. They indoctrinated the German public. No other ideas or opinions would be tolerated. Hitler wanted to indoctrinate a sense of loyalty into people. Loyalty should be to him and the State above all other loyalties. Many older people were sceptical of the Nazis

German resistance to Hitler has been greatly exaggerated in its extent and its strength of purpose

It was due to the incomplete nature of German totalitarianism that meant that opposition was not only possible, but that it was a reality. It took various forms, from day to day grumbling to complaints about specific issues, general political deviance and most threatening of all, resistance to the regime. The reason for most of the opposition that occurred is that the person or group in question wanted a more

To what extent was the Nazi state a propaganda state

In studying Hitler’s rise to power previously, we were able to establish that propaganda was one of the key factors that helped to get him into power. However, once power had been obtained, I do not think that it was possible for the Nazi state to be a total propaganda state due to the necessity to keep people happy by delivering on promises and to make progress as a unified

The Parenting Dilemma

The Parenting Dilemma Name: School: Course: Date: Instructor: The Parenting Dilemma While parenting is itself a challenging task, it is even more so for parents of color. One of the biggest challenges that parents of color face is what they tell their children about their race. The country’s history, marred by slavery, discrimination and racism, has an effect on current parenting as the parents themselves have probably experienced instances of

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