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The Development of Technology

The development of technology has led to many new methods of mass communication, such as social networking websites and videoconferencing. The Increase of electronic communication has helped to eliminate time and distance as obstacles to communication. In different parts of society technology is beneficial In areas of business, education and global relationships. Dealing with business, technology has Improved the flow of communication within the workplace. Electronic methods from the work

When you pre-judge someone before

When you pre-judge someone before knowing the full facts about that person. E.g. If you believe that men are more able than females to perform a task.DiscriminationWhen you put into action your prejudgments. E. g. you wont give a female a job and would prefer to give it to a male because you think he is more able.There are many causes of prejudice. Here are some examples of where this

Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Luhrman offer the cinema

Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Luhrman offer the cinema audience a very different interpretation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Using Act 3 Scene 1 discuss these two interpretations in terms of whether they have made the original text more accessible. You need to take into consideration the historical context and audience for which all three were intendedRomeo and Juliet is about ” two star-crossed lovers ” whose fortunes do not

Ethical Conduct in Todays Business Environment

The presentation focused on ethics in the business environment, specifically in the field of accounting. We focus so much on independence and have integrity in accounting, but it is something that is very important in all aspects of business. We were told that codes of conduct are living things. They need to change and develop as circumstances and situations change. The codes need to reflect the goals that they are

Macro Environment Factors

Macro environment factors are uncontrollable external forces that affect how a business operates. They are largely out of the control of the business, and often require changes in operating, management, production, and marketing. Analysts often categorize them using the acronyms PEST. PEST stands for political, economic, social, and technological concerns. Political factors include tax policy and environment law such as trade agreements and tariffs, may affect the supply and demand

How to Reduce Air Pollution

The global warming is now becoming a serious concern to the world. One of the main reasons of this problem is human activities; they pollute their surrounding environment like nose, land, water, and air. This essay Will illustrate three important ways to cut down air pollution. The first necessary way to solve this problem is to reduce the using of vehicles.People should change from travel by their own car or

Rubbish: Pollution and Conscious Preserver

Many people say that we have developed into a ‘throw-away society’, because we are filling up our environment with so many plastic bags and rubbish that we cannot fully dispose of. To what degree do you agree with this opinion and what measures can you recommend to reduce this problem. Today, it is a widespread belief that the rubbish a household can produce is much more than a few years

Pollution Problem Affecting Hong Kong

Pollution problem affecting Hong Kong Recently, a survey was conducted concerning about the development of Hong Kong and the related air pollution issues over the last twenty years. The survey investigated the Air Pollution Index (API) of different districts in Hong Kong, including Central, Mongo Kook, Kowloon City, Dung Chunk and Yen Long. According to the result, API has been growing in Central, Dung Chunk and Yen Long from 1992

Waste management

It is normal human psychology to believe in what you e firsthand. Our land on the other hand is living a nightmare too. We may not be able to see the effects with clarity, but land is being polluted and abused constantly and we are unable to calculate the damages incurred. Land Pollution has come to become one of the serious concerns that we collectively battle. Land pollution, in other

Global Warming and Enviromental Pollution

This warming is caused by several varying factors such as burning fossil fuels, industry and agricultural processes initiated by unmans as well as natural and other gas emissions; collectively these factors are synonymous with the term ‘Green House Effects’. The damage these processes create could devastate our planet’s natural biological cycle’s which would encompass our very existence.Recognizing our role as the primary antagonist consequentially allows us to be activists against

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