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1) differs from liberal pacifism because it remains

1) Liberal pacifism believes that capitalism and democracy are forces for peace. Additionally, liberal pacifism strives to maintain peaceful conditions. They also believe in free and peaceful trade because then no class gains from forcible expansion and no one is hurt economically. Their people are democratized, individualized, and rationalized. The readings state that “The people’s energies are daily absorbed in production. The disciplines of industry and the market train people

The to those of larger firms (Anabel, 2015).

The business environment entails bothinternal and external factors which are crucial to the SME’s operations and performance.Predictability, transparency and stability of the business environment accordingto Brasoveanu, 2014 are closely related to the development of the SME sector froma state view. (brasoveanu, 2014) The business environment is dynamic beingthat it keeps changing whether in terms of technological improvement, shifts inconsumer preferences or entry of new competition into the market (UKessays, 2015).An analysis of

English III H: Harlem Renaissance and Modern Poetry

who was named poet laureate of harlem langston hughes Lift Every Voice and Sing was made by who and became what James Johnson; African American national anthem. My City James Weldon Johnson My city is what type of sonnet Italian or Petrarchan Attitude of My City sad, compassionate Main idea behind My City the poet will miss his city (Manhattan) more than nature; meant more to him Sonnet 14 line

Glossary of Poetic Terms: Sapphic to Syntax..

Sapphic Classical Greek stanza used by the lyric poetess Sappho and comprising of four unrhymed lines. The first three lines are written in trochaic pentameter except for the third foot which is a dactyl. The fourth line has only two feet: a dactyl and a trochee. Satirical Verse Verse which employs wit and ridicule to attack hypocrisy, pomposity or social injustice etc. Dryden, Pope and Swift were all renowned for

Wilde quiz 1

what is the first step in reading dramatic dialogue? predict Despite his other successes, Wilde never became the successful _____ he had hoped to be. poet Which of the following strategies are helpful when reading drama? All of the above

Major Movements and Periods of Poetry

Academic Formalism This mid-20th century American movement is characterized by its use of rhyme, regular meter, a sense of Anglo-American literary tradition, a dry wit, and a classical belief in the supremacy of the intellect. The poets of this movement rejected the free-verse revolution that was occuring around them, and they wrote poems that tended to compression, impersonality, careful craftsmanship, and occasionally ornate diction. Beat Poetry Reacting against post-WWII middle-class

Organizational Communicaton

Organizational Communication Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: Organizational communication The comment on business people possessing less time to spend extra effort on courtesy is just an excuse not to try and is wrong. A person does not require much time and effort to be courteous to a fellow business associate or a customer. Courtesy is expressed in the way a person relates and interacts with another through written or oral

Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior Name: Institution: Organizational Behavior Literature Review Creativity enables the development of original products, and it encompasses using innovative ideas. This leads to the development of relevant and useful products. The level of creativity differs across different departments and different organizations. Some jobs are routine, and they rarely require any input of creative ideas. However, other jobs involve embracing creativity in developing unique products, which will benefit the organization

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is very well known for its diverse medicinal uses and it is one of the most researched tree species in the world. The ginkgo biloba tree is native to Asia and it is very well known essential to Chinese herbalists for the last 4,000 years. In addition to China, Europe and the United States make a great use of ginkgo biloba for supplements that turned out to be

AbstractApache in Hadoop also is strictly disk-based and

AbstractApache Spark is a scalable distributed framework for large-scale data pro-cessing and was originally developed by AMPLab. 4 On top of Spark core, lies MLlib, which is a distributed framework for machine learning. It provides com-mon learning algorithms as well as APIs for Scala, Python and Java 5, making it convenient to use. This seminar introduces MLlib and shows how it can facilitate machine learning in large scale in distributed

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