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Horror radioplay script

Narrator: 5 friends are decided to have a camp in the forest nearby university after the semester break. They are searching for place to set up their camp. Jessica: Let’s build the tent here, its nearby river that we can get water easily. Louis:Are you sure here? ‘ see that is some weird stack of rock here,can we change to the another place? Andy:Don like a timid fellow,you are a

The Crucible: Anti hero

In The Crucible, John Proctor obtains a reputation of an anti-hero when the accusations of witchcraft are made. John Proctor faces a tough decision once the accusations are made. He is torn between admitting to committing adultery or keeping his actions a secret. With the Information he knows, he has the possibility of saving many people’s lives, but If Proctor were to let the information out he would also have

Sydney symphony orchestra

Through segmenting the Coo’s general environment framework, and conducting an environmental analysis outlining Porters five forces model of competition an educated prediction Is concluded. The general environment Is a collection of dimensions influencing an industry and the firms within it (Hanson et al, 2014 p. 38). These dimension are made up of the Demographic, Economic, Political, Socio-cultural, Technological and Global, all of which heavily impact the SO. The political dimension

Social Change in Healthcare

In Healthcare Healthcare in my community has been a major Issue since the new millennium. The mall reason has been that some people feel they do not deserve to have health care. Although people will continue to debate, the Issues have recently been brought to Justice. President Obama signed a new legislation Into law on March 23 and March 30, 2010. The goal Is to repair the nation’s health care


The Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario has a rather elaborate process flow but there are a few issues they need to resolve to be more efficient. Improving their efficiency by reducing lengthy wait times for patients and their parents will provide a better customer experience. As it stands, it takes, on average 129 minutes for new patients, and 119 minutes for follow-up patients, to move through the process – give

Research Paper

The career field I chose was the medical field, specifically a surgeon. The reason I chose to study this particular career is because I have always been fascinated and Intrigued by what surgeons do. Another reason I chose this field is because I have had many medical problems myself and have been In the medical field environment due to that, and I have always wanted to learn more about It

The film we watched was called Bend It like Beckham. It dealt with the religion Sikhism

In the film Jess, an Asian girl, has a talent for playing football. Her family, who follow the Sikh faith, do not want Jess to play football, and jess naturally wishes to continue playing her favourite sport. After a shopping trip to get clothes for Jess’s soon-to-be-married sister Pinky, Jess plays football in a park and is spotted by Jules, a British female who plays for the local female footy

Technological Advancements and Environment

Identify (long term) societal trends that describe our society’s values and behaviors and derivate existing new products from them. In this current society, it focuses on ‘Technology, ‘Green’, and ‘Convenience’ in the development trend. Technology improves the social development, and public prefers to live in convenience and the green lifestyle. Our daily lives are covered with technology, such as, laptop, mobile phone, transportation, etc.However, the current people pursue the higher


Know major federal legislation 972 Clean Water Act: Provided money for treatment plants. Encourages innovative technology for cleaning water 1974 federal safe drinking water Act: Aims to provide all Americans with safe drinking water. Sets contaminant levels. 1980 Comprehensive Environmental response compensation and liability act: Established the super fund to clean up hazardous waste disposal sites * 1984 Hazardous and solid waste Amendment to resound:e conservation and recovery act: regulate

Different Levels of Pollution in Streams

When pollution and heavy metals are added to the stream, many of these organisms die. Sensitivity levels determine what conditions the species can live in (Whitaker. Gobo. Nz , 2002). The level ranges from 1 to 10 (Whitaker. Gobo. Nz , 2002). Ten is the best score. Ten means the stream is clean and free from pollution. Organisms with scores of ten can only live in streams that are not

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