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I’m Asrar Ahmed – a native of Chennai. My dad is a businessman – dealing in leather and mymother is a housewife. I have a younger brother who is now pursuing his graduation. I am the firstgraduate in my family as both my parents have a very basic education. I had my 10th and 12th standard education in English medium schools. My 10th I completedin St.Joseph’s Anglo-Indian School with 79.4%

Option (in dollars) = Per capita income of

Option 1Note: The following is a regression equation. Standard errors arein parentheses for the demand for widgets. QD      =          – 5200 – 42P +20PX + 5.2I + 0.20A + 0.25M(2.002)  (17.5) (6.2)    (2.5)  (0. 09)   (0.21)R2 = 0.55           n =26              F = 4. 88Your supervisor has asked you to computethe elasticities for each independent variable. Assume the following values forthe independent variables:Q         =          Quantity demanded of3-pack unitsP (in cents)      =          Price of the product =500 cents

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Did you know thatone million people die from Malaria in third world country? Malaria is a “mosquito-borne infection disease” which is adisease that is caused by being stung by a deadlyfemale mosquito called Anopheles mosquito. Being stung is an Anopheles mosquito that has a parasite calledPlasmodium parasite in it growing is life threaten. Malaria is made up of more than 100 types of Plasmodium parasitewhich can infect numerous species. Five

What Using its directives, AngularJS makes the HTML

What is Angular JS?AngularJS is one of the fastest growing JavaScript open-sourcefront end frameworks developed by Google. Angular JS lets you create dynamicand versatile Singe page applications without reloading the entire page.AngularJS provides two-way data binding that helps in building complex webapplications using MVC framework. Using its directives, AngularJS makes theHTML DOM extensible and provides more responsiveness to user actions. It is apowerful JavaScript framework, completely free and has larger

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paraphrase restate in a different language theme the central idea of a poem denotations the dictionary meaning of a word connotations what the word suggests beyond what it expresses imagery representation through language of sense experience figure of speech any way of saying something other than the ordinary way, saying one thing and meaning another figurative language language using figures of speech-cannot be taken only literally. any wave-like recurrence of

Sir Thomas Wyatt Poetry

For Caesar’s I am Whoso List to Hunt – Deer belongs to Caesar Since in a net I seek to hold the wind Whoso List to Hunt – Deer compared to wind The vain travail hath wearied me so sore Whoso List to Hunt – The hunt is pointless I have seen them gentle, tame and meek They Flee From Me – Description of the women And she me caught

Poetry: verse forms, meter, etc.

Iamb unstressed, stressed Anapest two unstressed syllables followed by a stressed syllable. Dactyl stressed syllable followed by two unstressed syllables Trochee stressed, unstressed Spondee stressed, stressed Pyrrhic unstressed, unstressed Pentameter five feet Tetrameter four feet Trimeter three feet Italian Sonnet A poem of 14 lines split into two stanzas. The first stanza is an octave with a rhyme scheme of abbaabba and the second stanza is a sestet of varied

ENG 231 Poetry Glossary Terms

alliteration The repetition of initial consonant sounds or of the same consonant. anapest unit of measurement with three syllables: first two unstressed, and the last one stressed. apostrophe Address to an absent figure or thing as if it were present or could listen. assonance Repetition in words of proximity of identical vowel sounds preceded and followed by different consonant sounds. blank verse Unrhymed iambic pentameter. consonance Repetition of similar sounds,

Poetry Idea Engine Vocabulary

Free Verse Poetry A poem where you can write without following a rhyme or form. Example of Free Verse Poetry The snow gives the trees a coatA coat over their trunksAnd places mittens on the branchesBut they won’t need them for much longerThe sun will say they’ve had them for too longAnd will take them away the next day. Haiku A Japanese style of poem that has 17 syllables, in

Poetry and Poetic Devices

Figurative Language A tool that an author uses to help the reader see what is happening in a story or poem. Some common types of figurative language are: simile, metaphor, alliteration, idiom, euphemism, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, and personification. Simile A comparison using like or as. It usually compares two dissimilar objects (for example, the man was as tall as a tree). Metaphor A comparison that states one thing is something else.

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