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Pollution Module

Water treatment is the removal of harmful pollutants in the water so that it can be used domestically and agriculturally. It is conducted through the use of chemical, biological and physical processes. Wastewater treatment enables the recycling of water so that it can be used for various uses. Secondary water treatment method involves the removal of fine and dissolved wastes that are organic by the use of a biological process

Global Warming is a Natural Cause

The Earth has its own greenhouse gas mission cycle, releasing billions of tons of methane gas and carbon dioxide a year. MIT students researched and recorded that the methane levels in the atmosphere have increased more than in the past ten years. Casey Kane wrote an article about the MIT scientists’ study and said ” Since all worldwide levels rose simultaneously throughout the same year, however, it is probable that

Why Purse a Master’s Degree

Why Purse a Master’s Degree Due to the competitive marketing many are pursuing a higher education beyond their bachelor’s degree. My decision to purse a master’s degree has always been a personal goal, but with the change in the market I realized my bachelor’s degree would no longer be sufficient or marketable in a couple of years. Many would say that obtaining a master’s degree is only as valuable as

External /Internal Factor of Business

Globalization When Nike first started selling in the foreign market in 1972, the company had to assess the economic trends of domestic and international markets during the planning stage. This would include the impact of the global market, technological advancements, and e-business which is rapidly growing. The planning and organizing process also has to be specific to the region where a new factory was to be built. For example, resources

Evolution Veruse Creationism-Apa Style

Evolution versus Creationism: Evolution leads the truth over Creationism Abstract Evolution and Creationism have been a heated debate in the school system for years. There is a lot more evidence shows that Evolution is better than Creationism but some people don’t believe that. Like how the Earth was created slow and instead of fast like the Bible says. And how plant and animal life evolved more slowly than the Bible

National Income Statistics of India

1. National Income Statistics: Background Scholars attempting to estimate national income statistics for pre-independence India have confronted innumerable difficulties in finding reliable data. Whatever estimates they make, they are forced to rely on macrolevel data and/or to make numerous assumptions. Only for the period after India became independent in 1947 is it possible to find reliable official statistics. However, Pakistan’s secession and the consequences difficulties experienced by the Indian territory

The Five Stages of Literacy Development

Early Emergent Stage of Oral Language The child shows pleasure in stories, poems, and informational texts. The child shows growing facility with the functions (uses) of language. The child enjoys word play. The child shows increasing knowledge of grammar and other language conventions. Early Emergent Stage of Reading The child has acquired many concepts about print. The child is familiar with various genres. The child begins to construct meaning. The

Test Vocab 2

Figurative Language Language used by authors in writing to create a special effect of feeling (metaphors, alliteration, similes, etc.) Genre A French word that means a type or form of literature (ex. Biography, fantasy, historical fiction, etc.). Imagery The use of descriptive words to create a mental picture in the reader’s mind. List Present an itemized series of items. Be concise. Narrator The person that is telling the story. Opinion

Social Class

Social class is another way of grouping people together. A person’s social class is determined by their occupation or there upbringing, which is closely linked to their family background, education (private schooling) and geographical location (where they live).Because there are so many occupations in our society, there is a diverse range of social classes that people belong to. Your social class is also determined by the amount of money you

Strong inference

Since one cannot prove a theory, the best way to show support for a particular theory is by the method of strong inference – by disproving as many opposing to it theories as possible, while showing support for the main theory (Platt, 1964). Converging operations provide strong inference.  It is important to recognize certain challenges in following a converging-operations approach. First, which has already been mentioned here, animal species differ from

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