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poetry scavenger hunt

alliteration Repetition of initial consonant sounds ballad a musical narrative song or poem that in most cases recounts a single exciting dramatic episode. consonance Repetition of a consonant sound within two or more words at the end of a word. end-stopped line A line that ends with a natural speech pause, usually marked by punctuation foot A unit of rhythm or meter; the division in verse of a group of

poetry terms worksheet #1

stanzas grouping of lines couplets poem that have two lined stanzas, quartrains stanza of poems that has 4 lines figurative language to express ideas or feelings in a fresh way metaphor to compare two unlike things with out using the words like or as simile comparing two unlike things using the words like or as personification the language that attributes human qualitties to non human things onomatopoeia the use of

Examples of Poetry Terms and Definitions

Alliteration Definition: The repetition of the beginning consonant sounds of neighboring words within a lineExample: “Some Song Sung” or “Heap” and “Recent” Assonance Definition: The relatively close use of the same or similar vowel sounds but with different end consonants Example: “White and Shining” or “Heap and Recent” Consonance Definition: The close repetition of the same end consonants, but with differing vowel sounds coming beforeExample: “Downtown and Unbound” Enjambment Definition:The

Religion wealth and poverty the need for world development

In the world today there are two types of countries. There are the more developed countries (MDC’s) such as the USA and the UK. Then we have the less developed countries (LDC’s) such as Bangladesh and Mali. There are also countries in the middle that are either struggling to get out of poverty or have suffered damages and losses. These two extremes outline the need for world development.Countries are becoming

Why, Despite the Good Friday Agreement is There Still Trouble and Conflict in Northern Ireland

Despite the arrival of troops in Northern Ireland in 1969, sectarian violence in the country continued. On April 10th, 1998, leaders of main Irish political parties, as well as the British Prime Minister and other politically or militarily significant figures signed the Good Friday Agreement. Its aim was to end violence and terrorism and provide a new framework for governments in Northern Ireland.These were its main points:* There would be

Popular Culture of 1970s

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Popular Culture of 1970s In general, popular culture comprises inspirations, outlooks, viewpoints, attitudes, mannerisms, images, and various phenomena that characterize a particular given culture. Specifically, such given cultures comprise the Western culture evident within the 20th century, and the sprouting universal mainstream illustrated at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. Popular culture defines and illustrates the routine ongoings within

How to make Sharwama sandwich and French fries

Name: Course:Instructor: Date: How to make Sharwama sandwich and French fries Sharwama sandwich is a common meal in the Middle East and some parts of Europe. It has become common in the western world due to the Middle East people introducing it in their restaurants. It is a balanced diet dish, which consists of meat, flat bread and vegetables stuffing with sauce. It consists of thinly sliced pieces of seasoned

The Microsoft Antitrust Case

Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: The Microsoft Antitrust Case Formation of the antitrust laws began as a way of ending and prohibiting monopolies and trusts. These laws were a way of ensuring fair competition in different industries, which would in turn ensure distribution of wealth. The laws guaranteed entry of many companies within the same industry, and this created a level playing field for the companies, which encouraged competition. Competition guarantees

Health Care

Health Care Name: Course: Date: Health Care Introduction The debate as to whether it would be prudent and healthier to use midwives to deliver children as opposed to doctors in hospitals has various elements that are relevant, informative and useful. Many factors should be considered before selecting either option in child bearing and these factors will be mentioned in the first part of the essay. The significance of each factor

Organism Comparison

Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Organism Comparison 1. Tissue Organization Distinct tissues absent (answer: sponge) Distinct tissues present (answer: all other animals) 2. Symmetry Radical (answer: earthworm, roundworms and hydra, sponge) Bilateral (answer: all the other animals) 3. Body Cavity Acoelomate (answer: crayfish, sea fish) Pseudocoelomates (answer: roundworms, clamworm, clam, hydra and lancet) Eucoelomate (answer: pig, grasshopper) 4. Openings to digestive tract One (answer: planarian, lancelet, sea star, hydra, crayfish, clam)

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