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In as an affinity tag for protein purification.

In the last few decades, the field of molecular and cellular biology has vastly expanded due to the introduction and revolution of technology and laboratory techniques. One development is the implementation of cellular tagging, specifically Green Fluorescent Protein Tagging (GFP) and Histidine tagging (His-taging). Researchers tag proteins to gain an in-depth understanding of cellular function and composition of proteins. Histidine tagging is the process of ligating a genetic sequence, CAC

Tabia in regards to historical and religious claims

Tabia AhmedMs. ConnEnglish 108 January 2017 It is a miracle that we know anything at all about the land of Canaan. For centuries, the very land that feathered the feet of prophets, priests, and messiahs, has found itself enveloping into a shield of controversy, gilded with historical power. The profound history that cultivated generations of resilience, birthed a people who are a true testament to the tooth and nail fighting

French Poetry Terms

Alexandrin 12 syllables. Sometimes divided into two lines with six syllables each. Moliere used this in “L’Ecole des Femmes.” Anacoluthe Turn of phrase in which one abandons one structure in order to take on another. Anaphore repetition of the same word or phrase. (e. g. “Maintenant que mon temps decroit comme un flambeau/Que mes taches sont terminees;/Maintenant que voici que je touche au tombeau…” – Victor Hugo, “Paroles sur la

Bible Flashcards 2/29

How many books are there in the Pentateuch, the books of Biblical History, Wisdom Literature, Major Prophets, and Minor Prophets? 5, 12, 5, 5, 12 Contrast the books of History with the books of Wisdom Literature. Wisdom Literature is experiential. Historical books deal with the nation, Wisdom Literature deals with individuals. Historical books deal with the Hebrew race, Wisdom Literature deals with the human heart. What does Wisdom Literature concern

Since 1900

Recorded music was not available until 1897 with the invention of the 78 rpm disk A counter-reaction to modernism that drew on more traditional uses of the elements was neoclassicism In Voiles, Debussy employs both the whole tone and pentatonic scales The climax of Voiles is achieved by a shift in dynamics The sounds Debussy uses in Voiles reflects the globalization of music during the twentieth century Debussy disliked the

Five Characteristics Of Poetry

Rhyme * Some poems use rhyming words to create a certain effect.* Not all poems are rhyming. Poetry that does not rhyme is called “free verse poetry.” Rhythm * Sometimes poets use repetition of sounds or patterns to create a musical effect in their poems.*Rhythm can be created by using the same number of words or syllables in each line of a poem. * Rhythm can be described as the

Ups and Downs

I have lived my life for approximately 5141 days now. Maybe I have not lived life to the fullest- I admit I have spent so many lazy days curling up on the couch and watching whatever is on television. Ever notice how deliriously happy all the people are in those fun-loving soft drink commercials? To watch them, you’d think life is one gloriously blissful dance on the grass with a

How far was the progress made by the Romans continued in the middle ages

In the Roman period, it was commonly thought that disease was brought by the alignment of the stars. They believed that looking into astrology was the key thing to finding out why diseases occurred, for example, if a planet was lined up with another. Another belief for why diseases occurred was that there were evil creatures too tiny to be seen that were causing people’s illnesses. This is very much

Occupy Wall Street Vs. The Tea Party

Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Occupy Wall Street Vs. The Tea Party Occupy Wall Street is a new movement that was started in September 2011 to raise awareness and seek to end economic inequality. The movement also intends to end corporate greed and raise awareness on various economic issues (Wohlsen C4). Occupy Wall Street is largely composed of young people that are concerned and angry that a small proportion of the

Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples?

Why do golf balls have dimples? – Oct 2011 Historical Background Before golf balls started being produced with dimples, golf players originally played with smooth balls. However, eventually players started noticing that the older balls that had more dents and scratch marks on them would fly further. Golfers were drawn towards this advantage, and so more golf balls were intentionally grooved by manufacturing companies. More research went into shaping balls

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