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How would religious people explain why their belief in life after death is important

What happens when you die? You stop breathing. There are many different religions in the world and they all have different views about life after death, and its importance. Some religions are better known, so more people practice these religions or know something about them.Christians believe that God exists and that he made the world and all things in it; The birds; The trees; The animals; The people, even the

Rizal – Discrimination

Even told us to write an essay about discrimination the very first thing-oh actually it was a question-that flashes on my mind was, what is the real meaning of it? I researched, researched and researched (though Ms. Even told us not to. We Just have to write what is it for us) then I analyzed what Vie read and of course reminisced what Vie experienced. So in my own opinion,

“Explore the causes behind the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet”

Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story written by William Shakespeare. The play is based around two lovers, who commit suicide when their feuding families prevent them from being together, set in Verona, in northern Italy. The play is generally involving love and family honour, in the days when the play was written, parents expected to be obeyed-they even decided who their children should marry. Romeo and Juliet go

Noise Pollution

At homes or in offices, insulation of walls and double-glazing of windows can muffle sound from traffic, neighbors, and other sources from the outside world. Sound walls along highways can shield nearby neighborhoods from traffic noise. Individuals should protect themselves with earplugs or muffle ear protectors, particularly when noise levels exceed 85 decibels. In the industrialized nations, governments have laws and policies to counter noise pollution. In the united States,

Industrial Pollution

This form of pollution dates back o antiquity, but widespread industrial pollution accelerated rapidly in the sass, with the start of the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution mechanized means of production, allowing for a much greater volume of production, and generating a corresponding increase in pollution. The problem was compounded by the use of fuels like coal, which is notoriously unclean, and a poor understanding of the causes and consequences

Suv vs Global Warming

John Bragg is a policy analyst for the Center for the Moral Defense of Capitalism and wrote and posted the article “The American Dream: Why Environmentalists Attack the SUB’ on the online Capitalism Magazine publication. This particular publication takes a liberal point of view on giving precedence to individual choice. William “Bill” McKinney is an American environmentalist, author, and journalist who has written extensively on the impact of global warming.

The tool for educating

Yet, it could be argued that is it right that parents do not have the ultimate choice as to where a child attends school. The same problems as identified by that choice especially as far as race is concerned, might be reflected in the natural catchment area population of a specific school.If one estate of people is known as being the homes to many people of one race and so

Mother and child

I think this slightly linked in with the case study but not as much as some of the other types of abuse. The way I think this could be connected to the case study is when the father is verbally abusing the mother and child. Also Katie sustained an injury during an argument between her parents and it is being investigated. This links with the male showing power and force. The

Local football

My local, regional and national football team is Tranmere Rovers FC; they currently have 26 members of their first team, which is managed by Ronnie Moore. They play in the Coca-Cola Football League One, which is basically the 2nd division excluding the premiership. In 1999, the sports market was valued at around 4. 17 billion, an increase of 4.9 per cent on the 1998 value. This means that football on its

Front page newspaper

The task I was given to do was to design and produce my own version of a front page newspaper and to make it as authentic as possible whilst using all my knowledge. Designing my own newspaper was very easy to-do. I used the normal conventions that I had learned from other popular newspapers was to make the headlines in large bold font with a colourful back ground font, A

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