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Two good advertisement techniques Economic and social media development caused the growth of publications, which spread out like viruses. Most ads use some conventional techniques such as magic ingredients and bandwagon. Each technique has its benefits, as a customer, I prefer testimonial and transfer. First of all, what is testimonial? Many people desire to purchase when see some celebrity endorsements, it’s exactly how testimonial work. With the development of living

The Fate of Tragic Heroes in Literature

F. Scott Fitzgerald once said “Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy. ” The quote Is relevant to mankind because It shows that everyone has faults. Aristotle enjoyed writing about people with these faults and created the idea of a tragic hero. The characters must complete four phases to be considered a tragic hero. They must start off in an envied position with wealth or power.

Role of Technology in Communication

A. Wiseacres* If you sit where we’re sitting, you see a gradual recognition in this audience that the weather outside is balmy and warm and pleasant, and that the crowd Is getting smaller. I know It’s not the quality of the speech; It Is the lateness of the hour. I’m going to try to be brief. But, I do have to say, it reminds me of the story of a

What would be the effects of a large-scale business expansion in the area where you live

BAA is proposing to build a gigantic new terminal near Heathrow, which will be called Terminal 5. This would be the biggest structure ever built on Green Belt land. It will involve a huge amount of building work and adding to the already huge Heathrow airport. This has caused mixed feelings amongst environmentalist groups, local residents and other stakeholders. The New Terminal 5 would cause negative externalities e.g. major increase

Romeo ; Juliet

Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s ultimate romantic tragedy, tells the story of, arguably, the world’s most famous literacy young lovers. Star-crossed by fate, their romantic, impulsive young love is doomed from the start, yet we follow innocent, enthusiastic pursuit with eager anticipation.In witnessing this tragic path of ‘true love’, the characters of Romeo and Juliet are beautifully developed by their own words and, of course, by the words and actions of

Studying an Early Childhood Environment

Hence, the question of providing quality care urns into how to plan and provide quality environment to children (Harrison, 1990). According to Agreement (1 988: 53), the important and indispensable role that environment plays in providing quality child care is described as follows: A well-planned environment can offer two essential contributions to quality care. First, it can provide children with appropriate and challenging learning experiences within a consistent and secure

Water Pollution

Just for example fife eave a glass full of water, and if someone put poison in that glass what would happen? The answer is completely the same but in this case the poison was added into the glass by the human being which actually gives us a clear picture of what is exactly happening around us. In other words people are destroying the planet and I think that if this

Plastic pollution

Refuse single-use and disposable plastics The facts Plastic is forever Plastic creates toxic pollution at every stage of its existence: manufacture, use, and disposal. Plastic is a material that the Earth cannot digest. Every bit of plastic that has ever been created still exists, including the small amount that has been incinerated and has become toxic particulate matter. Plastic poisons our food chain In the environment, plastic breaks down into

Global Warming: Taking Steps to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

What we can do Some people are constantly worried about our environment and thinking of help save it. Global warming is no longer a speculation,it is happening all over us. The temperatures are rising and so are the sea levels. Glaciers are vanishing and the arctic ice is melting. Elf we don’t reduce our carbon footprint, soon (the next 50-100 years) almost all coastal cities and island nations will be

Global Warming

The biggest cause of global warming is carbon in the form of carbon dioxide produced by burning coal and oil. The atmosphere has a natural supply of carbon dioxide and other gases. These gases capture heat and create warming effect on the surface of the Earth. This warming effect is similar to warming inside a green house ,so it become known as the “greenhouse effect”. As a consequence of the

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