Gilbert Pope

Stress management

Her current title is Transitional Care Unit Registered Nurse, and she holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She practices In Transitional Care unit. She has been practice in this field for about two years. Professionally she has CPRM and CALLS certification. As a treatment for medical Issue, she said: “l do whatever Is the needs of that particular patient like dressing change for any other patient or cardiac or

Slang word

One of the students said to me as I approach class this morning. I was horrified: because I TLD’ realize I was acting crazy. It wasn’t until after talking to one of the staff at school I discovered the student was actually compliment me In a good way and not Insulting me. The word off the chain has become the latest craze In vocabulary words with double meanings to hit

Effects of Environmental Change

The Effects of Environmental Change Based on research conducted on bushfire by Peter Mortality A changing environment can have many effects on our lives, being good or bad. The environment can change as a result of many things such as change over time, human intervention or natural disasters. Bushfire are a very significant natural disaster. Bushfire change the environment when they burn through forests and urban areas. They have many

Environmental Issues

A whopping 65% of the land in here is degraded in some way, shape or form and the endless government policies do little to curb the damage. In fact, there is no shortage at all of government legislation protecting the environment but unfortunately it is never enforced due to flagrant abuse of power, corruption and lack Of resources. If you have ever been to India you have undoubtedly noticed the

Urban Pollution in Karachi

“Because we don’t think about future generations, they will never forget us” – Henries Taken. Arbitration is defined by the United Nations as movement of people from rural to urban areas with population growth equating to urban migration. Arbitration has led to numerous breakthroughs in society. Because of arbitration, we see the world as it is today. Skyscrapers along the horizon, industries in every corner and development projects underway everywhere

Menace to the World

A Menace to the World With every tick of the clock, changes of all sorts take place in all the corners of the world. They happen almost simultaneously with split second apart from each other. Looking back, is this still the very same planet on which are ancestors set their feet? Has man abused nature so much that the face of the earth has totally changed? In the course of

Everything That Surrounds

In a broader term environment means everything that surrounds us. It includes living or biotic life, for examples the plants and animals and non- living or biotic components like air, water and soil. Environmental pollution refers to degradation of air and water by mixing of harmful and undesirable pollutants in them. Today, pollution has become the biggest global problem because it has grown in magnitude and threatens to endanger all

Water Pollution

Pollution affects the health of all living thing. Many peoples, animals and plants depend on water for survival of life but because of water pollution all living things must suffer or die from the effects caused by water pollution. Man is busy inventing new things every day and the consequences of these inventions affect the land, air and stream and causes water pollution. Some of the causes of water pollution

Overpopulation – Three effects: CLimate, Conflict, Food.

The more people there are, the more resources consumed and the more waste created. A child born today in the united States for instance will produce fifty-two tons of garbage and consume 11 million gallons of water by the age of seventy-five. Freshwater, drinkable water, is the most critical natural resource to humans. As time goes by, the world’s population expands more rapidly, but there is no more freshwater on

Natural Disasters

In that area of trauma, research has indicated that conflicting results as characteristics and objective or subjective severity of stresses could influence the risk for developing post traumatic stress disorder ( Turtle et al. , 2004 p: 457). It is also been reported that the meaning attributed to a aromatic event is the product of a complex interaction based on the event it self, personal history, and future expectation, as

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