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Dr.V.Pushparajesh[1],Prof.S.Chandrasekar[2] ,S.Brindha[3], D.Ilavarasan[4], C.Kavin[5]. [1] ,[2]Associate Professor, Assistant

Dr. V.Pushparajesh1,Prof.S.Chandrasekar2 ,S.Brindha3,D.Ilavarasan4, C.Kavin5.               1 ,2Associate Professor, Assistant Professor ,Departmentof Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Kongu Engineering College.               3,4,5 finalyear Students of Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, KonguEngineering College. ABSTRACTThe objective ofthe project is to reduce human effort in 8construction sites. It is an armwhich provides support to the skeleton externally. It is designed like a suitwhich is wearable over shoulders. Thus it is independent of the physique of theperson

Metaphysical, Donne, Jonson, and Carpe Diem Poetry

Extended comparisons that link objects or ideas not commonly associated. Metaphysical Conceit Images or descriptions that appear self-contradictory but reveal a deeper truth. Paradox What are the three characteristics of Metaphysical Poetry? Reference to science, paradox, and metaphysical conceit. What are the two subjects in Donne’s “Song”? Love and Death What is present in the following quote, ” When thou sigh’st, thou shall sigh’st not wind?” Elision “Yesternight the sun

Reading Terms Vocabulary

alliteration repeating the same sound at the beginning of several words in a phrase or sentence. For example, “The bees buzzed in the back of the blue barn. “ Adjectives words that describe nouns adverbs describe the verb (quickly, slowly) author’s tone The attitude a writer takes towards a subject or a character in the text base word ( root word) The central part of a word that other word

Poetry Terms List #15

alliteration repetition of initial consonant sound apostrophe speaker directly addresses an absent person or an inanimate object assonance repetition of vowel sound (try to light the fire) ballad short, narrative songs (lyric poetry) often with refrains caesura a natural pause or break in the middle of a line of poetry inversion reversal of regular syntax for emphasis or surprise ode structured poem (3 parts) praising or glorifying an event or

Eras of poetry

Elizabethan poetry -During Queen Elizabeth I from ~1558 to ~1603-Time of Shakespeare-‘Shakespearean sonnet’ era-Influenced by former Renaissance period of poetry-Classical, lyrical style-Examples: Edmund Spencer, Philip Sydney, Walter Raleigh, and Christopher Marlow Metaphysical poetry -17th century-A subtler, provocative lyric poetry movement that sought greater depth in its verse-Poets defined and compared their subjects through nature, philosophy, love and musings about the hereafter-A departure from the primarily religious poetry that had been

Why does Christmas’ night always feel different

I was spending Christmas with my friends. Spending it with my family was more hell than Christmas, so I took it as tradition since we got out of high school. The excuse to see my childhood friends was the only way I could get out of family stuff. We had made a pact the first Christmas after high school. Christmas would be our reunion day. Every year we would meet

What were the main economic consequences of the First World War

At the end of the First World War in 1918, the economic state of Europe was in such a perilous condition that the impending rebuilding of the continent seemed a remote and unrealistic possibility. The war had devastated much of the Western European economies; the most affected nations were France and Germany, followed by Belgium, Italy and Austria. In addition to the complete economic stagnation throughout much of Western Europe,

Why did people go to the Land of opportunity

In the 1900’s and onwards, people went to the USA; the ‘land of opportunity’, because they wanted to pursue their dreams. The USA was said to have been a free country in which people were allowed freedom of speech, press and religion, thus luring immigrants from all around the world to the USA and away from their home countries due to the fact that they may have faced persecution, there

Outwardly Strong but in Reality Much Weaker

To other nations Britain appeared to be the only world super power after the Napoleonic Wars but in reality was the nation, and more specifically its people, suffering? Britain’s foreign policy was strong. It had a very strong navy and dealt with over sees matters with great power, but this strength seemed superficial to many Britons as a lot of the country were in a depression and many people were

The Reading and Text Interpretation in Kafka’s Book

Name: Course: Tutor: Date: The Reading and Text Interpretation in Kafka’s Book Introduction The theme of reading and interpretation is clear in Frank Kafka’s book. The conversations between K and the Priest, and the doorkeeper and the man from the country, provoke the reader to question his/her reading and interpretation of the text. Most text readers may fall under K’s reading and interpretation of the text Before the Law while

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