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Christian discipleship

Christian discipleship is a concept that was born when Jesus Christ hand selected his first twelve followers. A disciple, by definition, is a convinced believer of a school or individual. In the case of Jesus, the disciples where those who followed him while he was here on Earth, as well as those who continue to follow him and his teachings today in the modern world. The meaning of discipleship today

Space travel or dealing with Earth’s problems

There is no doubt that huge sums of money are being spent on space travel by government of advanced countries. Of course, it is important to explore outer space in-order to learn about other planets, search for life, however, perhaps it had better to care of problems on our planet and spend these sums on dealing with them? Perhaps, the strongest argument in favor of space travel is the overflow

Social Darwinism Speech

I wrote “The Political Economist and the Tramp”. I have strong beliefs that Social Darwinism is wrong. My poem ridicules Social Darwinism, and the very idea that we could leave fellow Americans behind. Leaving poor Americans without any government aid is wrong and immoral. Government assistance should be a moral obligation. Survival of the fittest” should be left to the animals in the wild, not to the civilized humans, when

Energy Sources

The environmental issue that my research will focus on is the continued use of fossil fuels as the primary energy source by our global economy: regardless of the proven adverse impacts, from our reliance on these nonrenewable resources; and in consideration of the circumstances regarding the existence of viable alternative sources of energy, given the application of equivalent technologies applied to their systems of conversion.The focus of this paper is


Seaborne Game Reserve was established in 1 988 as a wildlife education centre. Although small, at just under 600 hectares, it is now the third busiest reserve in the whole of Botswana. The park has network of game viewing roads, a visitors education centre, picnic sites with barbeques stands set among tall trees, a ‘hide’ for viewing game around waterhole and a ‘bird hide’ overlooking a read-filled expanse of wetland.A

Noise pollution

Nowadays, noise is defined as unwanted sound. Noise pollution consists of all the unwanted sounds in our daily life and sonic pollution originated in the workplace. There are some types of noise pollution found in the environment, workplace and new technology (Two sentences are missing. Rewrite your Thesis Statement since the topics developed in the essay do not match with your Thesis Statement. After each paragraph find in blue the

Introduction to World Overpopulation

We must solve the problem of overpopulation before we, the human race, reach our carrying capacity. Our population is believed to currently be over seven billion people! That is seven billion people sharing the same planet as us and relying on the same resources as we do. When we reach our ultimate carrying capacity our population is guaranteed to decline due to lack of resources and this would be a

Consumerism: Global Warming and Technology Cellular Phone

Consumerism encourages people to buy anything that are up-to-date. They are most likely to change their things to the latest one, such as plasma TV, high technology cellular phone and newest fashion. These will help the economy to grow, because trading flows very well in that condition. The citizens will be all developed to a more modern community. People will try to invent more that can help to raise their

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?

However, these activists are using scare tactics based upon inadequate information acquired from unreliable sources o promote their agenda, and this theory of human-caused global warming is refuted by science and logic. The popular belief that global warming is the effect of human activity is erroneous and unsupported by scientific evidence. Environmental activists believe that our burning of fossil fuels and increased output of carbon dioxide or “greenhouse” gases have

Computers Today

Today’s Computers, Intelligent Machines and Our Future Hans Moravec Stanford University July 21, 1976 this version 1978 Introduction: The unprecedented opportunities for experiments in complexity presented by the first modern computers in the late 1940’s raised hopes in early computer scientists (eg. John von Neumann and Alan Turing) that the ability to think, our greatest asset in our dealings with the world, might soon be understood well enough to be

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