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As system continues to change and improve overtime,

As a young girl, I was always one of the final contenders in the spelling bees, timed tests, and even kickball games at recess. I enjoy the challenge of schoolwork, the competition amongst peers, and the rewards of my successes, to this day. It’s always been a childhood dream of mine to become a doctor. I chose to study medicine because I felt a calling from God that suited my

chador?A covers the hair, neck and the rest

chador?Afull-length cloak worn by Muslimwomen which covers the hair, neck and the rest of the body down to the floor,but leaves the face open. This item of clothing is most common in Iran, but itcan be seen throughout the world and in most Muslim countries where fullcoverage is not required.Charter of Medina, Constitution of Medina, Medina Charter?A peace treaty drafted bythe Prophet Muhammad to end thefighting and animosity between all

Music music. In the beginning, blues music was

    Music has long affected and reflected aspects of the world. Nowhere does that seem truer than with the blues music of the American South; specifically the haunting notes echoing from the Mississippi Delta. Blues artists have produced tales of people’s sadness, struggles, racism, and many other subjects for over 100 years. Recently, academics have joined with local participants to ensure that obscure artist gains the recognition that equals

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There is about 100 children die from abuse each year.  At least 2 children a die weekly due to child abuse in Britain alone and multiple deaths have gone uncharted. If you hit your child and it leaves a mark that lasts over an hour it is considered child abuse. Child abuse can hurt how they grow up and can have a severe effect for them later on in life.

Romantic Poets and Characteristics of Poetry

William Blake The TygerLondon WIllima Wordsworth A ComplaintI Wander Lonely As a Cloud Lord Byron She Walks in BeautyApostrophe to the Ocean Samuel Taylor Coleridge poems Hymn Before SunriseKubla Khan John Keats poems When I have Fears That I May Cease To BeBright Star Percy Shelley poems Mutability Ozymandias Characteristics of Romantic Poetry 1. Nature2. Emotion3. Common Man4. Individualism5. Imagination What historical events inspired these poets? The French and Industrial

Poetry: Definition and Framework

1 What distinguishes the language of poetry from other languages is that poetry says more and says it more intensely. Poetry is the most condensed and concentrated form of literature 2 Literature is not written primarily to communicate information. It exists to bring us a sense and a perception of life, to widen and sharpen our contacts with existence. It is primarily concerned with experience. 3 Poetry as a whole

8th grade Poetry Unit notes

poetry words that are organized into sentences and paragraphs- form of literature that uses rhythm and rhyme sound structure to expres something in an artistic way simile A comparison using like or as metaphor A comparison of two unlike things without using the word like or as. hyperbole A figure of speech in which the truth is exaggerated for emphasis or for humourous effect (and more) onomotapoeia use of words

Wolken Poetry Terms Study Guide

alliteration The repetition of the same beginning sound, usually a consonant, in a phrase or line of poetry. Tongue twisters use alliteration. Example: She sells seashores by the seashore. analogy A likeness between two things that are not alike in other ways. Example: The wings of a bird and the arms of a person. assonance The repetition of similar vowel sounds in words so they are close in sound but

How do we explain the unexplainable

How do we explain the unexplainable? A question that seems simple enough yet brings about a different answer from most everyone it’s asked. One thing that most answers will have in common though is that they will suggest the supernatural. In this essay we’ll be exploring the many supernatural beliefs present in American culture, from Christianity to voodoo. First we’ll take a look at some of the different belief systems

What does the murder of Emmet Till and the subsequent trial of his murderers tell us about American society in the 1950’s

The murder of Emmet Till happened on Saturday 27th August 1955. Emmet Till was born in Chicago on July 25th 1941; this means that he was 14 years old. Emmet Till was sent by his mother to visit relatives in Mississippi, in the south of America. At this time there was racial prejudice in the North, but mostly black and white people were treated equally. The South of America was

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