Janice Townsend

TPCASTT Poetry Notes

Title What predictions can you make from the title? What are your initial thoughts about the poem? Paraphrase Summarize the poem in your own words. Connotation What is the connotative (hidden, implied) meaning of the poem? Find examples of figurative language and poetic elements and explain their impact on the poem. Attitude/Tone What attitude does the poet have toward the subject of the poem? Find and list examples that illustrate

Poems – Anne Hathaway

Referring to the section “The bed…” to “..these lips” show how the pet conveys a sense of joy and happiness. “a spinning world” – suggests speed and exhilaration”castles” – suggest they had a fairy-tale romance and there was a sense of security”dive for pearls” – suggests their love was exotic and romantic”kisses on these lips” – suggests they were sensual and tactile In lines 5- 10 there are many references

blank verse

Couplet Rhyming stanzas made up of two lines that are the same length. Shakespearean sonnets usually end in a … .. blank verse Poetry that is written in unrhymed iambic pentameter which often resembles the rhythms of ordinary speech. Shakespeare wrote most of his plays in blank verse. (one unstressed and one stressed syllable) elegy A sad and thoughtful poem lamenting the death of a person. epic A long, serious

Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing

accent an emphasis or stress placed on a syllable in speech. Clear pronunciation of polysyllabic words almost always depends on correct placement of their accents (e.g. des-ert and de-sert are two different words and parts of speech, depending on their accent. ) Accent or speech stress is the basis of most meters in English. accentual meter a meter that uses a consistent number of strong speech stresses per line. The

Western Civ Chapter 16

Renaissance “Rebirth”period beginning in 1300scholars, artists, writers revived and added to traditions of Greco-Roman past humanists from Latin HumanitasRen scholars called themselves thisseekers of human excellencestudy Latin and Greek Works Virtu idea from Italian humanists of human excellence perspective creating 3d on a flat surface, Ren artists did this using exact geometrical rules essay “Attempt” in French, meaning quick discussion of subject skepticism doubting and inquiring attitude, from Greek word

AP Lit Fundamentals of poetry

Meter The pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables established in a line of poetry. Accented The stressed syllable is also called _______ syllable. Unaccented The unstressed syllable is also called _________ syllable. Foot A unit of meter. Can have two or three syllables. One accented and one or more unaccented. Line May have one foot or two feet etc. Iambic, Trochaic, Anapestic, Dactylic, Spondaic, Pyrrhic Types of Metrical feet, 6

Poetry Terminology

Doggerel derogatory term used to describe poetry whose subject is trite and whose rhythm and sounds are monotonously heavy-handed Metaphor a figure of speech that makes a comparison between two unlike things, without using the word like or as. Metaphors assert the identity of dissimilar things. Paraphrase a prose restatement of the central ideas of a poem, in your own language. Speaker the voice used by an author to tell

Were the native peoples of America “savages”

Why do we have the vision of Indians as savages? Why do we think of them as warlike people? The answer is simple. From an early age we are exposed to Cowboy and Indian Films which are often untruthful or contain unreliable information. Have you ever seen a film about Indians where they were undertaking their usual domestic lives? Films are there to entertain and sell and are not made

Online Education

Online Education Name Institution : Online Education In the current society, common thought maintains that new technology has a strong capability in influencing education. Young children are especially given a chance to develop their skills and use an interactive, new media mainly under the watch of their parents. Arguably, traditional education cannot be replaced, but this era of advancement in technology through the internet requires individuals to be equipped with

Uriah “Buzz” Butler

Tubal Uriah “Buzz” Butler Tubal Uriah “Buzz” Butler was born in 1895 in Grenada. During World War 1, Butler served in the British West India Regiment under the captaincy of Captain Arthur Cipriani. Uriah Butler migrated to Trinidad in the year 1921 with the hope of securing a good job in the oil industry. He found employment in the oilfields in south Trinidad. His occupation in the oil industry was

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