Johnnie Fisher

Catcher in the Rye

Today I’ve started a new book. I know, I haven’t finished the last one but I have this new swell idea. I want to write to Holden about it but mom says he’ll be home on Wednesday so I’ll wait for him to be here. I want to talk to him, but I do not want to distract him from school. I think this time he’s doing alright or at

Research on clinical psych

For those of you who have not studied the scientific literature, this might seem a bit far-fetched. I was ether amazed at Just how significant babyhood is, when I first undertook the research for my book Why Love Matters’. Just to take one recent example, the World Health Organization recently published a report from their Commission on the social determinants of health – which stated that “Research now shows that

The Quest for Romance, Riches, and Power in “Cinderella”

In Marl Attar’s An Introduction To Fairy Tales, the principle in her essay that I chose to analyze the story through Is “Fairy tales are up close and personal, telling us about he quest for romance and riches, for power and privilege, and, most important, for a way out of the woods back to the safety and security of home” (Attar 230). Some of the characters in Cinderella wanted romance,

The Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon is an award winning masterpiece, from the 1941 movie to the well written book. The movie is similar to the book in many different ways. There are missing and added scenes that the movie had that helped but also made the movie a little confusing. Some similarities are very important to understand the story even if It’s In book or movie form. Starting with the setting or

Religion and Medical Issues

For my GCSE coursework I am going to explain to you all the different available treatments for infertile couples, and I am also going to look at some religious views towards this issue. For the second part of my coursework I am going to be looking at genetic engineering.The available treatments infertile couples have to try and conceive a baby are AID, AIH, IVF and Surrogacy. Artificial insemination by donor

ROmeo and Juliet essay help

Shakespeare has had a huge influence on literature for over 4 centuries. His plays have been kept alive and performed worldwide and are well known to people of all ages. One of his most famous plays, “Romeo and Juliet” has been adapted Into countless different films, stories, and plays appealing to different audiences and eras. Bag Alarming created one cleverly crafted film to tailor the needs of the action packed

Environmental impacts

The Environment is the major resource for tourism. Tourism depends on the environment because environment is a major tourist attraction. The quality of the environment, both natural and man-made, is essential to tourism. It involves many activities that can have adverse environmental effects. Many of these impacts are linked with the construction of general infrastructure such as roads and airports, and of tourism facilities, including resorts, hotels, restaurants, shops, golf

Environmental Issues in Port Competitiveness

This is particularly true of the port industry that has often faced governmental mandates for achieving regulatory compliance, including safety, security or environmental requirements. Meeting these requirements has been typically perceived as added costs that hamper a port’s efforts to compete in the sea trade marketplace as they drive up the costs of set-vices. The requirements are not going away, nor should they; so is there an opportunity to reverse

Water Pollution in Africa

More people die from dirty water and poor sanitation in Africa, than acts of violence , including is Clean Water so important? “). Children are especially targeted for disease, because their immune system is smaller, and they are younger (“Why Water? ” Africa has many poor countries, and many people are dying from diseases in water. Every day, people have to walk over five miles to get a bucket of

Effects of Pollution on the Environment

What is environmental pollution ? Nature maintains a balance in the environment and any kind of imbalance therein is called environmental pollution. Man’s quest to conquer the universe with technological development has resulted in grave dangers to the very existence of life on this planet. Waters are no longer clean, fishes are rotting on sea-shores, trees are withering, cities are choked with foul air and toxic chemicals are finding their

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