June Wong

The Last Straw

She had a best friend named Miracle. In class Miracle overheard a girl named Daniel and Allay talking about her best friend Adrian. Later that day, Miracle thought that the best thing to do was to tell Adrian. When Adrian heard what the girls said about her she Immediately got hurt and started to cry. She was so filled with rage she had very cruel thoughts about the girls, but

“It is not possible to be a disciple today in the way Jesus intended”

Give reasons for your answer showing that you have considered more then one point of view. I would agree with this statement because there are a lot of distractions that restrict people from performing the way Jesus had intended. One of the biggest causes is that most people are too selfish to give up the good things in life and are reluctant to make sacrifices. Also a lot of people

Teaching outline

As a nurse one of our principal responsibilities is to educate our patients. Our teaching reaches across a broad gamut: medications (old and new), procedures, wound care, signs and symptoms to be aware of, health habits, how to continue caring for themselves once their home and more. The teaching can occur as spontaneous answers to questions from our patients or more formal educating Including a plan and resource materials.Patients are

Define what is meant by the paranormal

The paranormal describes unexplained events and happenings which are thought to have a spiritual cause e.g. ghosts or mediums.Define what is meant by a near death experience. (2)A near death experience is when somebody about to die or is clinically dead has an out of body experience, and claims to see an after-life for example, people claim to see places heaven, their deceased relatives or religious figures. Explain why some

How does religion comfort death

Religion in many ways is viewed as a way to comfort death and make it look like a somewhat positive thing due to the fact that for most religions, good things happen after death. This offers people hope and makes them feel at ease with what will happen after they die. For other religions you are simply re born as a different being, depending on what you have done in

A domestic tourist

A domestic tourist is someone who is a resident in the UK and is visiting another part of the UK for  tourists purposes. The types of trips they are likely to take are day  trips, weekend trips or longer stay holidays (staycation).A retired couple from the UK who want a weekend in a cultural cityAccess to informationBefore the retired couple can take their break in a cultural city they need

Poisoning Planet Earth

As a result Of these developments, overspent have passed laws to limit or reverse the threat of environmental pollution. Ecology and Environmental Deterioration The branch of science that deals with how living things, including humans, are related to their surroundings is called ecology . The Earth supports some 5 million species of plants, animals, and microorganisms. These interact and influence their surroundings, forming a vast network of interrelated environmental systems

Water and Air Pollution

Even though the chemical plants are 45 miles away from the heart of Houston, in Texas City, the tiniest particles can come here airborne. These tiny particles are called Particulate Matter (PM) these PM can come from atmospheric gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and volatile organic compounds. You can find such fuels as these in cars and industrial facilities such as chemical plants. By using coal fired power

Pollution Essay

Designed to e discarded, disposable plastics such as water bottles, lids and straws are the greatest source of plastic pollution in addition to being toxic to our health and non-environmentally friendly due to a long process of degradation if any. Also some of us might think that plastics are not a big threat because its recyclable, sorry to burst your bubble but not all the recycled plastics are actually recycled,

Hard Problem of Overpopulation in India

They lead to civil unrest, domestic disturbance and might at the extreme lead to national disintegrate also. Population explosion must always be control for citizen welfare and maintaining national integrity. There is a large shift from villages to cities at present. The fast increasing fascination of the urban life and the western culture that dominates urban societies is the primary cause for it. In addition the education opportunity, the medical

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