Kate Conner

The Bafa Bafa Game: Learning Tolerance

As humans Interact In groups, we usually conform to our surrounding culture. The Baa Baa game was a simulation of two separate cultures colliding with one another and experiencing the results first hand. All year we talked and read about the impact of culture, but its impact is not really understood until experienced personally. There is a complex series of emotions and communication between the cultures, in which can be

The american dream

The term American dream most of the time is associated with immigration in the united States, Native Americans also describe it as “seeking the American dream” or “living the American dream. For people from other countries if its mentioned or asked about American dream we come to mind that It Is an opportunity to achieve more wealth than they could have In their home countries, for others It Is the

Strengthening Community

There are numerous changes that challenge the community to adapt. These can arise from violence at home, and they can follow one person to their school and workplace. Furthermore, new forms of communication, such as social media, when used Inappropriately, can negatively affect the community. However, I believe that It Is possible for an individual to take action and Intervene to help strengthen the community. Strengthening the community can be

The ways in which human beings can conserve the environment

Since the dawn of time, the earth has provided protection and nourishment to its inhabitants; the ozone layer providing protection from the sun’s harmful rays, the vast forests providing oxygen and shelter, the rivers and oceans providing life sustaining water. Until the industrial age, man’s relationship with his environment had been a beneficial one, in which only what was needed, was taken. However, with the advent of technology and machines,

Water Pollution

Look at it this way, the one thing in this world that every living thing needs to survive is being taken advantage of only because it has always been there. In this paper I plan on informing people of the issues that have and still are taking place in our world, and plan on informing everyone of a solution to prevent this issues from continuing. “Although Earth has plenty of

External Costs from Pollution

Ozone pollution, more commonly known as smog, is one of our most persistent environmental problems, Smog results from the mixing of several pollutants, including nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and volatile organic compounds. Smog causes health problems, triggering asthma attacks in the 15 million people in the United States who suffer from asthma and causing other respiratory problems, leading to premature deaths. Smog also retards plant growth and decreases agricultural productivity.Because

Global Warming

There are already many natural disasters, for example earthquakes in Mexico or floods in Pakistan, probably the first effects caused by global warming. But that is just the beginning; the number of natural disasters will increase in the future. In my speech tell you something about global warming and what we can do to prevent it. At first define the term “global warming’: It is the change of the climate

Marketing Mistakes

Marketing Mistakes There have been many international marketing mistakes made by advertisers of large companies such as, French conglomerate BSN, one of the largest food manufacturing groups in Europe, Cadbury’s chocolates, and Heinz. Several large corporations such as Gerber and Pepsi have made huge marketing mistakes because of translation. A word and/or color meaning something in one country could mean something else in another country. Any company that trades with

New Years and Valentines

Emni Restaurant is an Indian cuisine in a sophisticated environment since October 2006. Emni restaurant is ideally situated on Upper Street, just off Camden Passage, the Antiques Mall and the Business Design Centre and only two minutes from the Angel Tube Station in Islington. Emni restaurant has a lot of competitors because there are more other restaurants near by. There are also other railways near by such as, the Barbican,

BP chart of organisation

Board of Directors: this the executive body and the highest decision making authority within company. It is independent from shareholders, which means they have no power of decision making. Board’s role is also to set policies and to supervise relations with shareholders. In terms of relations with shareholders, board is required to be proactive in obtaining an understanding from shareholders. It is board duty to represents and promote, interests of

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