Lionel Caldwell

The Reality of a Dream

In Stephen Kings essay. “The Symbolic Language of Dreams”. King describes some of the ways dreams have helped him with his writing. I read about all the things that King dreamed about. He dreamed about all kinds of unrealistic things and he consciously put these dream stories into his writings. I think this method of creative writing Is crazy, but I agree with It. I Like the Idea of using

Discuss with reference to Aristotle’s concept of God on the

Aristotle believed that everybody is directed towards a final aim, and that there is a purpose to everything we do.He believed that within this aim there were superior and subordinate aims. Subordinate aims were what you had to achieve to obtain the superior aim. There are even more superior aims above those. For Aristotle the final aim was the good of all humanity. He believed that every person was of

The festival of Passover originated about 3500 years ago, when God, via Moses

The festival of Passover originated about 3500 years ago, when God, via Moses, and Pharaoh had a dispute over the tribe of the Israelites.Jacob and his twelve sons settled in Egypt. His family grew into a nation (more like a large tribe). Eventually the nation or the Israelites became slaves. Moses, was an Israelite by birth but he was unaware of this fact. As a baby he had been abandoned,

Romeo and Juliet

Explore the ways Shakespeare portrays the ambiguity of Juliet’s character her insubordination to, and relationship with her parents. William Shakespeare’s tragic play, Romeo and Juliet, is a story of hatred wounds reopened through the love of between rival families, where only death will bring a finale. This story of these town teenagers is set in the 1500s, obviously the culture and general behaviour was very different, and this has a

Water Pollution Problems in Africa and India

The poorest coverage for water supply and sanitation is in Africa. It is estimated that the current investment is 1. 3 billion dollars per year. This amount of coverage is completely inadequate for this continents needs (Wanda). It is estimated by a report called “Year 2000 Progress Report” from the World Health Organization that the funds necessary on a yearly basis for water supply and sanitation is 2. 2 billion

Effects of Global Warming

It is high time that the effects of global warming should be highlighted under the circumstance that the temperature tends to increase continuously. In general, the effects of global warming can easily be seen from the following three aspects–?the environment, the people and animal species. First, global warming triggers two disastrous environmental phenomena-?drought and rising sea level. According to Dad, “warming increases the tendency for moisture to evaporate from land

Air Pollution and Global Warming

The most hazard atmospheric pollutions are man made by the production of products. Pollutants are released into the air include arbor dioxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and sulfur dioxide. Side effects from global warming can be perceived across the globe. Things such as polar ice caps melting and causing water levels to rise are one of the major most noticeable problems. Living organisms, plants, animals, and people all endure the consequences

Analyse three text based advertisements

This grid shows you the target audience. The advert is aimed at females this is mostly because women work in the kitchen. It’s for females around the age of 30 to 60 years old. The social class of the advert is AB this is because there is a doctor on the picture, which says its quite sophisticated. The life style that the advert is aimed at is families with young

Exciting and scary

Boys and girls are of the same stature. Adverts aimed at young girls are usually fantasised and musical, while adverts for young boys are usually loud and perhaps even violent. In further detail, the girl adverts usually include lots of sparkle and glitter, perhaps making it more eye-catching, also relating to the magical and fantasy theme. There are a few which do not portray that theme; however, they all seem

Elegy for drowned children

An Elegy is a sad or sorrowful poem, reflection or song written for a deceased person and deceased people. An elegy laments a death; it praises the deceased and attempts to find consolation for those who are still alive. The poem Elegy for drowned children expresses sadness for the children who have passed in the water, but yet leaves some consolation for those left on earth and the ones who

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