Mable Fuller

The bird in the bush

No one knew anything about us. We were the kids that stuck together everywhere, played Poke¬©moon on our Somebody in the hallway and wore glasses. What are supposedly characteristics of a geek, but Dusk and I couldn’t have cared less. Dusk was the best friend any guy could have. He was tall and lanky and had long, curly hair that cascaded like a waterfall to his shoulders. He wasn’t what


The purpose of this lab is to observe the titration between acid and base, and calculate the morality of unknown solution base on the volume required to reach equivalence point and geochemistry. There are two groups of experiments.The first one is the reaction between nitric acid and sodium hydroxide which is a reaction between strong acid and strong base, so, theoretically, the pH value of the the suture of these

Self – Monitoring

To begin with, I could say that I am more productive now compared back then when I was assigned at the School Canteen and be as one of the Canteen Teachers. The school year 2013-2014 brought me lots of challenges as a full time teacher and also with regards to the new task that I was assigned to. However, I always try to be more optimistic and see the good

Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

As a TA I no It is Important to ask of feedback from the teacher and other colleagues I ask for feedback every 2 weeks firstly I asked the teacher how she thought I worked with the pupils and the other tat’s the teacher said you work well and you are all ways professional with the pupils and tat’s you are very helpful In the class room I ask the

Recent housing developments have resulted in an improvement in the environmental quality of the Shepherds Bush area

My hypothesis links to how land use has changed in the Shepherds Bush area over the past 200 years because, recent housing developments has changed the way land has been used. They contrast with the old housing from years back.The burgess model is an appropriate diagram to use when looking at the Shepherds Bush area. The CBD is Westfield and the lower class residential area is Shepherd’s Bush market and

My definition of geography

Geography is the study of the Earth and the relations of humankind with their environment. An environment consisting of landscapes, mountains, rivers, climate, wildlife and the people by whom it is inhabited.In class we have studied the topic ‘Settlement’ using the secondary sources of textbooks, videos and teacher/class discussions. We have decided to put theories we have learnt, in class, into a practical situation – on a fieldtrip to Llandudno,

1st Saturday June

I went to Friar Lawrence’s cell with the nurse to get away from the hectic preparations for the banquet. We got back home and I saw madam and father talking I didn’t think much of it. I retired to my room to have a long relaxing bath before the banquet. Just as I thought I was safe madam and the nurse were shrieking my name “Juliet.” I got out of

Environmental Interest and Effectiveness

Today more and more people are environmental friendly and take in account the human activity that damages the environment and what are its long term effects. Both, Linnet Squawk in her essay “How to Poison the Earth,” and Greeter Earlier in her essay “Chronicles of Ice” write about the environment and their concern towards it being preserved.Though in both assays the preservation of the environment is the main focus, and

Environmental Issues

A rising population and growing economies are putting substantial stress on resources. Pollution is increasingly a concern. 4. Biodiversity and Land Use?Biodiversity preserves our food chain and the ecosystems on which all life depends. A key factor in the decline of biodiversity is habitat loss. Many companies face pressure about their contribution to sprawl, yet all humans are guilty Of contributing to this problem. 5. Chemicals, Toxic, and Hoax,y Metals?Part

Innovative Waste Disposal

As humanity develops new technology, the magnitude and severity of waste increases. When computers were developed, it widely was believed that the need for paper would be eliminated. On the contrary this was widely proven false and we are now utilizing more paper than ever. Canada is not an exception as the typical Canadian generates an average of three pounds of solid waste each Daly . This alone shows what

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